The Sims Medieval Poems Guide

The Sims Medieval Poems Guide
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The Sims Medieval Poems

The Sims Medieval Bard hero is able to write and recite The Sims Medieval poems to a select Sim or to a large audience. Poetry is one of the bard’s specialties and when they have the inspiration to do so, they are able to write truly memorable epic poems that all of the Sims in the Kingdom will want to hear recited on the stage.

How to Write The Sims Medieval Poems

How do bards write poems in “The Sims Medieval”? It isn’t really very complicated to do. You can however, only write a poem on the bard hero, so be sure you are playing as that type of hero.

Your bard will also need to have a certain amount of themes that they have acquired through seeking inspiration from another Sim or from a location. Once you have the types of themes you want the poem to be about, go to the Scribe Table and start writing a poem. This is a hero related object that comes with the Tavern building and is on the second floor. After you instruct your hero to start writing the poem, you will need to enter in a title and also select which themes you want the poem to be about.

If you decide to scrap the poem your hero is writing, the inspirations that you were using will go back into the hero’s inventory.

The Sims Medieval Bard seeking inspiration

Starting out with your bard in The Sims 3 Medieval, they are only able to write a normal poem that has only two slots available for the inspired themes. At level five, the hero is able to write an Epic Poem which has three slots open for the inspirations.

When the bard is writing a poem they will earn experience points. They don’t get paid from simply writing it though. For that, they will need to recite the poetry.

How to Write the Epic Poem: Beowulph

One of the Watcher’s Achievements that you really should try to unlock while playing as the Bard is by writing a specific epic poem. To do this, you will need to collect certain inspirations and also of course be able to write the epic poem.

To write the epic poem you must title the poem “Beowulph.” It is spelled differently than “Beowulf” so be sure to spell it the other way. Then use the following inspirations in exact order: Food and Drink, War, Kingdom and Loyalty.

Writing this poem gives 10 Watcher Achievement points, so it is really worth doing as soon as your Bard is able to do so.

Reciting The Sims Medieval Poems

The Sims Medieval Bard poems on stage

The bard is a performer by nature and loves to share their written works of art with those around them. This hero loves the stage and reciting medieval poetry on it to their adoring fans. They can also choose to recite poetry to a single Sim or smaller audience, if they wish.

Reciting The Sims Medieval poems is a good way for the bard to earn extra money. It doesn’t bring in as many Simoles as playing the lute, but it is still an excellent way to earn extra experience points and Simoles while playing through the quests.

The Sims Medieval Bard reading poem

Tip: Read poems with the themes that the Sims will enjoy. For example, the monarch would enjoy hearing a poem about Royalty and War. The Sims Medieval Physician hero would enjoy hearing one about sickness and nature. If you read poems that the Sims hearing it would enjoy, you will earn more Simoles.


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