The Sims Medieval Kingball Guide for Heroes

The Sims Medieval Kingball Guide for Heroes
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Hidden Skills

In “The Sims Medieval” there are no status bars for skills that a hero learns. Their charisma, handiness, and even fishing skills are not counted for in this game. There are however, “hidden” skills that Sims can learn. Among these skills are: playing the lute and the fiddle, Kingball, card games, and whittling.

It is hard to tell precisely what the levels of skill are on these because they are hidden. However, the more your hero participates in these activities, the better they become at it. Eventually, they will rule The Sims Medieval Kingball field, whittle like a pro, play cards like a shark, and fiddle as good as any local The Sims Medieval Bard could in their tavern or on a local stage.

The Kingball Court

Before the Sims in your Kingdom can play this game, you will need to save up enough points to purchase it. In Kingdom mode after a quest, you can figure out if you have the points to purchase it.

The Kingball Court also gives aspect increases that help your Kingdom when completing quests. These aspects give more slots open for you to fill the capacity up for each area. This sporting field increases Well Being +1, Security +1, and gives Culture +2.

This is a special area in the Kingdom that your Sims can use for leisure activity. It does not come with a hero like most of the other buildings do. This is generally not one of the first buildings that a player will place in their Kingdom, unless they really enjoy playing The Sims Medieval Kingball with their heroes.

Winners and Losers on the Field

All Sims can play this sport and you will often see many Sims gathered to play and also to watch other Sims play matches against one another. This is a fun activity that is played in the Kingdom and Sims have a good time playing the sport and also watching it.

Everyone wants to be a pro on the field, but you can’t just pick up the sport with a Rookie Paddle and expect to beat another Sim right away. No, you will have to practice playing this sport with your hero and also purchase an upgraded paddle.

The Sims Medieval forging a Kingball paddle

You can find upgraded paddles at the Village Shoppe and The Sims Medieval Blacksmith hero is also able to make even better paddles that they can put into their stall to sell to other Sims. If you want to take playing Kingball seriously, you will need to purchase a new paddle as soon as possible.

Practice really helps your hero raise the hidden Kingball skill, so practice as often as you can. You don’t need another Sim to practice with, just go to the court and select “Practice.” Your Sim will then start practicing the sport alone. They will raise the hidden skill for the sport and also have a good time while practicing.

Once you think your hero is ready to take on competitors, you can have them play Kingball with another Sim. This will set up a match and your hero will compete at the sport with the chosen Sim. After the match is over, the one who wins will receive a positive buff for winning, but the loser will more than likely receive the “Ball to the Face” negative buff from being hurt while playing The Sims Medieval Kingball.

The more a Sim plays the sport, the more exhausted they can become. Some Sims can’t last for long on the court and their stamina may diminish quickly during a game. This will generally result in that Sim losing the match, if they were playing a game against another Sim.

Note: Up to three Sims can play a match at a time. Only two Sims are needed for a match though.

Watcher Achievements

The Sims Medieval watcher achievements are used for players to earn points for completing specific achievements when playing. These points are collected to raise their Watcher Level and unlock new outfits and objects.

The Sims Medieval Kingball game

This sport is associated with only one achievement. However, if you often play the sport in your Kingdom, it can be easily obtainable.

King of Kingball – gives 10 points for the Watcher Level and is earned by winning 200 games of Kingball.

All of the points earned for these achievements add up, so be sure to start playing this sport with your heroes so you can earn this achievement to unlock new objects for your hero’s buildings and new outfits for them to wear.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

Screenshots provided by the writer.