The Sims Medieval Gathering Leeches Guide

The Sims Medieval Gathering Leeches Guide
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The Sims Medieval Leeches

The Sims Medieval physician is able to gather leeches around the Kingdom. These leeches are used at the clinic to help treat sick Sims. It is a very important part of the medical practice for the hero, so be sure to stock up on a large supply of these blood suckers! Find out where you can find them and more about what they do in this article.

The Sims Medieval Gathering Leeches

Leeches are able to be gathered in various locations around the Kingdom. This is something that only the Kingdom’s Physician hero is able to do though. Other heroes do not have the option to “Collect” when clicking on the spot where leeches are at (it shows up as gray and unclickable on all other heroes). You can spot leeches because they show up in the water as green bubbles and can be found in the stream and in the water by the docks. Fish show up as white splashes in the water. All Sims are able to go fishing.

In The Sims Medieval gathering leeches is a free way for physicians to store up on their favorite medical tool to drain the blood of Sims that seek their help. Nothing extra is required to collect them, so be sure to collect them whenever your hero walks by these locations.

The Sims Medieval gathering leeches

If a Sim is at the Village Shoppe, they are able to buy leeches for $1 Simole each. Usually there are 10 per day at the Village Shoppe that you can purchase. Any Sim can purchase these. If you have one of The Sims Medieval merchants, you can stock leeches for Sims to purchase, though usually this is not a very hot item to sell. The lazy physician does pay more for them when using the market though.

Using The Sims Medieval Leeches

What are the leeches used for? Well, the physician can use them on the operating table to “Drain” Sims to help cure them of their sickness. These leeches are used for bloodletting sick Sims. When you have a Sim on the operating table, you will see the meters in the upper left hand corner that shows “Blood” and “Leeches.”

The Sims Medieval using leeches

The leeches bar fills up by how many you have on stock, so this is something you really should aim to always have filled. On the blood bar, your goal is to get the level to where it shows the blood being a golden color. When you use the leeches and bring the blood level down to the golden area, you can cure the Sim of their sickness! Be careful not to use too many leeches. If you do, you may drain the Sim of too much blood and seriously injure them. Once you have the blood level in the golden area you can then medicate the Sim and fully cure them of their sickness.

When using the physician, The Sims Medieval gathering leeches and The Sims Medieval herbs is a hobby and part of the job. Gathering some of these each day will help with daily responsibilities, raise focus levels and also earn experience points.


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