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Where to Find Mana Stones in your Kingdom

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Want to mine the rarest mineral in “The Sims Medieval"? This rare stone is the mana stone and it will also generate the most amount of Simoles if selling to the local shop. Find out more about this stone and also what you can use it for in this guide.

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    Mining Minerals

    In “The Sims Medieval" you will come across minerals that can be discovered and mined. The only heroes that are able to do this are the Wizard and The Sims Medieval Blacksmith heroes. This is similar to the herbs that are also able to be discovered and collected by the Wizard, Physician and Spy heroes.

    When a hero mines they will earn experience points and also a positive buff for mining called “Geologist" that gives +15 that lasts for 3 hours. The mineral that they mine will also show up in their personal inventory. Many times the hero collects more than one of the main mineral and also other stones such as Crudium, Shiny Stones, and Quartz.

    The mineable minerals and their base value in the game include:

    • Crudium – worth $1 SimoleThe Sims Medieval Mana Stones 
    • Shiny Stones – worth $3 Simoles
    • Quartz – worth $5 Simoles
    • Phosphorus – worth $7 Simoles
    • Ferrous – worth $10 Simoles
    • Electrum – worth $20 Simoles
    • Azurite – worth $24 Simoles
    • Adamantle – worth $35 Simoles
    • Mithral – worth $70 Simoles
    • The Sims Medieval Mana Stones – worth $130 Simoles

    If your Wizard or Blacksmith mines all of the available stones in the kingdom each day, they can make a substantial extra income by just selling that to the Village Shoppe. If your hero uses those minerals to craft with, they could make even more money.

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    Mana Stone: The Rarest Mineral in the Kingdom

    The Sims Medieval mana stone is the rarest type of mineral that you can find in the Kingdom. It is only found in a couple of locations around your Kingdom and also sells for the most amount of money at the local Village Shoppe.

    So, where do you find this elusive stone?

    The Sims Medieval Wizard Tower The mana stones are not purchasable at the local The Sims Medieval Village Shoppe. Other stones are purchasable at the Village Shoppe. These stones can be purchased by all heroes. So, if you purchase them frequently when at the store on another heroes, you can build up a decent stockpile that you can transfer to the Wizard or Blacksmith heroes when you go on quests that use more than one hero. You can transfer the minerals by simply clicking on the mineral in one hero’s inventory and then placing it on the hero you wish to transfer it to. This is easiest to do when you paused the game so the hero isn’t moving around. Since the mana stones are only able to be mined by the Wizard and Blacksmith heroes, if one is a higher level than the other, you could essentially move all of their minerals to the lower level hero (if questing with both of these heroes) so the lower level one could craft with these minerals without having to do all the dirty work of actually mining them around the Kingdom.

    These magical mana stones can be found in the Kingdom. You will need to use the Wizard or Blacksmith to “Discover" these stones and also to mine them. These can be found just outside of the Wizard’s Tower. This area also has a rich mineral deposit that you could mine while there too. Take a walk down to the lighthouse area next and you will find one almost hiding there. The only other area that you can find the mana stones is by the area where the cathedrals are placed in the Kingdom.

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    Uses for The Sims Medieval Mana Stones

    When playing as a Blacksmith or a Wizard, it is highly suggested to mine these magical stones each day. They are useful in crafting and also can bring a large profit when selling to the Village Shoppe. They are not purchasable, and the mineral deposit is only renewed once per day. Therefore, if you mine it each day, you will have enough to craft with when your hero is able to make items with it.


    The Sims Medieval forging This hero can make the following items with this stone:

    • Angelsguard – 5 Mana Stones, 3 Electrum, 5 Angelstalon Fragments, and 8 pieces of Mithral.
    • Angelshammer – 3 Mana Stones, Angelstalon Fragment, 5 Mithral, 2 Adamantle, and 2 pieces of Azurite.
    • Balmung – requires Mana Stones, Catalyst Tremendous, Superior Alloy, 2 Mithral, and 3 Adamantle pieces.
    • Darkstone Bulwark – 7 Mana Stones, 7 Mithral, and 2 pieces of Azurite.
    • Doom Sword – requires 4 Mana Stones, Doom Sword Hilt, Doom Sword Blade, 4 Adamantle, and 3 pieces of Mithral.
    • Doomstaff – 2 Mana Stones, 3 Adamantle, 2 Staff Core, 7 Soul Fragments, and an Arcane Edge.
    • Galatine – Mana Stones, Catalyst Divine, Superior Alloy, 2 Mithral, and 3 pieces of Adamantle.
    • Mana’s Edge – requires 5 Mana Stones and 7 pieces of Mithral.
    • Seraphim – requires Mana Stones, Catalyst Divine, Superior Alloy, 2 Mithral, and 3 pieces of Adamantle.
    • Sword of the Chinchilla – requires Mana Stones, 3 Phosphorus, and 7 Ferrous stones.
    • Trenfher – Mana Stones, Catalyst Tremendous, Superior Alloy, 2 Mithral, and 3 pieces of Adamantle.

    The Sims Medieval Wizard

    The Sims Medieval Wizard Crafting a Potion This hero can make the following items with this stone:

    • Doomstaff – 2 Mana Stones, 3 Adamantle, 2 Staff Core, 7 Soul Fragments, and an Arcane Edge.
    • Flame Sword Enchantment – 2 Mana Stones, 2 Adamantle, 2 Azurite, and 2 Phosphorus stones.
    • Wizard’s Staff Core – 2 Mana Stones, 1 Azurite, and 1 Nightshade herb.

    These items that are crafted can bring a huge amount of Simoles for profit to decorate your hero’s building with!

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    All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

    Screenshots provided by the writer.