Sims Medieval Bric-A-Brac Day Walkthrough

Sims Medieval Bric-A-Brac Day Walkthrough
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The highlight of the monarch’s new holiday, Bric-A-Brac Day, is a glorious treasure hunt for ten missing items of royal persuasion. Only the craftiest of your heroes can partake, namely your blacksmith, physician, spy or wizard. For the cost of three quest points, you’ll be rewarded with 30 RP for your kingdom, 2,100 simoles and 1,760 experience points for your participating hero, and a small boost to your kingdom’s knowledge aspect.

A Visit from the Monarch

As soon as you begin the quest, you’ll recieve a message that the monarch is inspecting the kingdom’s holdings, and will be visiting your establishment soon. Make sure you’re present to greet them, but keep in mind it may take him or her a while to get to you!

You may need to do some quick crafting.

When the monarch arrives, politely inquire as to what this surprise visit is all about. They’ll insist it’s just a standard review, then ask for a sample of your amazing talents. You’ll have a choice of presenting one of two objects your hero can craft. For example, a spy can choose between a truth tonic or vomicious venom, and a physician can choose between a weak health salve and a weak curative tonic. You may already have what you need in your inventory! Otherwise, check your crafting table to see what ingredients are necessary, and when you’re ready, present the monarch with a suitable sample of your craft.

Easy for the king to talk about how dirty my place is, he’s got servants to do this stuff!

The monarch will seem very pleased with you no matter which object you chose, and tell you to keep an eye out for a very important royal announcment. They’ll also make an offhand comment about the messy nature of your chambers! Once the monarch leaves, scrub something or sweep the floor, either will do to get your place to kingly cleanliness. Soon after you’ll recieve a message saying to meet the monarch in the throne room concerning a special event. When you’re ready, head there to see what it’s all about!

Bric-A-Brac Day!

The monarch will explain their new holiday, Bric-A-Brac Day! Ten treasures have been hidden around the kingdom, and it’s up to you and three

When you said to keep an ear out for a royal announcement, I didn’t realize I’d get it five minutes later.

other competitors to find them. You are also told you can use the nearby scribe table to review a list of the hidden items, and the general locations in which they are hidden. You can do this at any time during the quest if you need a refresher, but try it once now to move on.

What do you think about all this kid?

Before you start searching, it’s a good idea to size up the competition. Speak to the other contestants and ask them what they think about the hunt. You’ll find a rather large man who’s only concerned about meat, a very competitive small child, and a rather shady looking character who only cares about what loot she can pick up to pawn.

Now it’s time to begin your search. You can start either at the center of town, or on the outskirts. This choice will make the biggest difference in where you’ll be searching throughout the quest, so choose carefully.

Searching the Center of Town

If you choose to search around the center of town, you’ll need to look around the town square and the judgement

Try not to get killed in the name of Bric-A-Brac Day.

zone. You can check these areas in whatever order you like. Draw water from the well in the town square in order to find a key, and jump into the pit in the judgement zone in order to find a royal tinderbox. Keep in mind you might want to feed the pit beast before jumping in!

Following this, you can check in with the royal advisor on everybody’s progress, or you can continue searching around the pond. Depending on your choice, skip ahead to “checking in with the advisor” or the “locating the other treasures” sections of this article, but keep in mind you’ll be forced to both before the quest is over.

Searching the Outskirts

If you choose to start your search on the outskirts, you’ll need to check the village and the forest areas. Finding the item in the village is as simple as clicking on the path and choosing to search the village for trinkets. This’ll nab you the liege lens. Similarly, taking a forest walk is all that’s needed to track down the crown dagger within.

Once you’ve found these two items, you can either check in with the royal advisor to see how the competition’s doing, or continue searching around the docks. Depending on your choice, you can move on to “checking in with the advisor” or the “locating the other treasures” sections of this article, but you’ll be hitting both eventually.

Checking in with the Advisor

You’re going to be seeing a lot of the royal advisor no matter what.

There will be a couple of points throughout your search where you have the option of checking up on your competition’s progress with the royal advisor. Each time, the story will be more or less the same. You are tied with the competitive child, you lead the loot hungry woman, and your meat-driven competitor has failed to locate any treasure and keeps bringing back dubious meats. Until nine of the hidden objects have been found, you’ll need to keep searching, so let’s keep going!

Locating the Other Treasures

Depending on your intial choice of where to search and how early and often you choose to check in with the royal advisor, you’ll be looking

The Sacred Oak

for treasure in two of three places.

  • The Sacred Oak - This is a large, gnarled looking tree in between where the churches are built, on the side of the Jacoban cathedral facing the castle. Check the different flower patches around the tree, and search for the trinket in them, soon you’ll find the lord’s journal.
  • The Docks - The treasure isn’t actually on the docks, or even on the beach, it’s on the ship. Board it to find the queen’s music box.
  • The Pond - The pond refers to the body of water near the town square, with all the fishing and leech gathering spots. Try different fishing spots and you should come up with an option to search for a trinket. With a little persistence, you’ll find a signet ring.

The Final Object

Hey guys I found the teddy bear!!

Once you’ve found four of the hidden treasures, you’ll need to check in with the royal advisor. You’re still tied with that kid! You’ll be asked to meet her in the reception hall to learn of your last task, which will be the tie-breaker. Head there and speak with her in private and learn the true purpose of Bric-A-Brac Day: to find the monarch’s missing teddy bear, Sir Teddylot!

All they know is that the bear was lost somewhere around the throne room. Head back there. Where would a monarch spend most of their time? On the throne of course! Take a seat on the throne to find the missing teddy in between the cushions. Deliver it to the royal advisor and the day is yours! Quest complete!