Hero World Strategy - Powers and Gear

Hero World Strategy - Powers and Gear
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Hero World Strategy

Developed by Rock You! games, Hero World is an addictive quest game with it’s own interesting and fun twists. In Hero World players are

super heroes who have only recently discovered their Powers. Heroes do quests in the same manner as Mafia Wars and other major quest games, they go to missions and, if they meet the appropriate requirements, they can complete a quest by clicking on “Do Mission”. Fortunately for players there are a lot more interesting aspects to Hero World like Epic Battles and Adventures, both giving the game that added spice that will keep you coming back for more. All-in-all Hero World is a fun little quest game but leveling can be extremely slow unless you employ some different strategies to make the most of your time playing the game. These Hero World strategies will make things much easier for players.

Hero World Strategy - Obtaining Powers and Gearing Up

One of the most important aspects of Hero World is having a hero with an appropriate arsenal of powers and gear. Powers are absorbed

Hero World Hero

from defeating villains when a player enough Power Points. The amount of Power Points is dependant on how powerful the villains ability. Players gather Power Points by completing quests and defeating villains. To gain new abilities quickly the easiest way to do so is to complete quests. Like most popular quest games, players will complete quests a number of times. Each time a quest is completed a bar next to the quest fills a little more. Once the bar is full you gain a bonus for mastering that quest. The bar goes back to zero and you can gain mastery in it again at this new level. Completing the Bronze Mastery will not only give you bonuses but will open up new enemies to battle and to take their powers.

In the beginning it is easy to accidentally overlook buying gear and even easier to overlook equipping gear. Players can buy different equipment for each of their hero’s body parts. Equipment is purchased in the shop with money gained by completing missions and going on Adventures. After the equipment is purchased the game will ask you if you want to equip it, right now even if you click on yes it will not equip. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon but in the meantime you have to go to the “My Hero” tab and then click on the “ITEMS” button at the window. You can click on each body part from here and equip items. When buying equipment, save up for the best equipment available in each region that does require hero points and Facebook coins.

Hero World Cheats - Power Leveling Through Missions

Leveling in Hero World can be extremely slow in comparison to other quest games like Mafia Wars or Castle Age. To properly power level

Hero World Character Bars

through Hero World the first thing you need to do is ensure that you have picked up as much gear as possible with the money you earn through doing your first quests. When doing quests only complete the Bronze Mastery to allow you to open up superhero battle with the Elite Necroverse Servant and to open up the battle on the Star City docks. Opening up these two quests quickly will be part crucial of leveling your hero. Completing these quests will also allow you to buy the aforementioned hero gear. Heroes run out of energy extremely fast, this is what makes leveling so slow. As soon as your are out of energy start battling the Necroverse to gain experience and Power Points. Players can get healing at the hospital but only once every fifteen or twenty minutes so try and hold off as long as possible. Once you have used the hospital once you may have no choice but to wait until you can use it again before battling on.

Hero World Cheats - Adventures, the Arena and More

Doing the Adventures, battling in the Arena, doing Epic Battles and building up your base are all fun aspects of the Hero World but yield very

Hero World Fight

little in the way of leveling early in the game. Battling in the Arena can be a gruelling task, particularly at a low level. Completing the adventures is almost impossible before level ten simply because even with the best gear a hero will not have enough health or energy to complete the task. Although in my opinion playing through the adventures is one of the funnest parts of the game. It a has a very similarly SNES Super Mario game feel to it while navigating the maps and I can see where many old school gamers will find that appealing. Regardless, the best way to power level through Hero World is through the quests and Necroverse battles.