Global Warfare Guide - Modern War on Facebook

Global Warfare Guide - Modern War on Facebook
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Game Economy

One very important part of Global Warfare is the game economy. Without a powerful economy, you won’t go very far in this game. You have food, oil, stone, steel, and gold as your main resources in the game. Outside your city, you’ll find plots for these resources. Each plot is upgradeable for more resource output. Be sure to research technology in your university to further increase the output of your resources. By build and upgrading residences, you’ll increase your gold supplies. Do the quests in the game for resource rewards. Other ways to increase your resources include attacking other players, NPCs, and receiving resource gifts from your Facebook friends. Be sure to spend the first part of your early game developing your economy before you work on your military side.

Military Units

Global Warfare

To build military units you’ll need a barracks and a rally spot to send them on missions. Troops will use up many resources and you’ll need plenty of food to feed them. To unlock all the units in the game you’ll need to research technology as well as upgrade specific buildings. In the barracks, you can see the requirements for each unit in the game. Note that a few units require the use of strategic resources, which can only be collect by occupying a strategic resource point on the game map. So for example, if you want hellfire tanks you’ll need to acquire titanium from the game map.


Just as important as the game economy is technology. Build a university to gain access to the technology in the game. You should first concentrate on economic technology to improve the amount of resources you collect. You can then focus on the specific military technology you’ll need to gain access to the more advanced units in the game such as tanks and fighter aircraft. Each unit in the barracks will tell you the technology you need to unlock it. You can also have your Facebook friends cut down on some of the time that is needed to finish the research.

Generals and Armies

Global Warfare

In the game, you can assign your Facebook friends to lead your armies. From the generals headquarters pick a friend to become a general and assign them to quartermaster to improve the economic output, chief of staff for training speed of units, chief scientist for faster research, and chief engineer for faster building construction. You’ll also need free generals to lead your armies on the game map. Upgrade your general headquarters to gain access to more leadership spots.

Game Map

On the game map, you’ll find resource spots you can hold with your armies. To send an army use your rally spot and put in the coordinates or easier yet just click on the spot and send your army. Be sure you have a free general to attack the area. Each area may also give you key parts to gain access to the strategic resources map you’ll need to find the advanced resources. Once you have the parts of the map you’ll be able to see the advanced resources on the map and can send troops to hold them.

Facebook Friends and Alliances

Having Facebook friends is key in this game since they can send you great gifts such as resource packs. Not only can friends send you gifts but they can help you construct your buildings and help with research. With many friends, this can save you valuable building time. Alliances are recommended and once you have an embassy you can join an alliance. Upgrade your embassy to level two to start your own alliance.

Special Structures

Once you have built a casino, you can use that to make yourself some extra gold in the game. You can also boost morale of your city at the expanse of some gold. The research and development center is another important building where you can take loot pieces you acquire on the game map and use them to make special items such as resource packs, strategic resource maps, combat boosts, resource boosts, and more. Outside your city you’ll find your distribution center which holds any strategic resources you have in the game. You’ll need to have armies on the strategic resources to collect them and place them in this center.


Global warfare is a fun game but take your time learning it. Be sure to use the game forums and join an alliance to get the most out of the game. Have some Facebook friends join you so you can send and receive resource packs as well as other items as gifts. Work on your economy in the early stages and then concentrate on your military.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Global Warfare on Facebook.