Browser MMO Space Games: Colony of War Structures Guide

Browser MMO Space Games: Colony of War Structures Guide
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Colony of War Resource Structures Guide

The colony metal reactor collects metal for your colony. As you upgrade this structure, you’ll receive more metal. The gas fusion reactor collects gas for your colony and fuel needs. Upgrade the gas fusion reactor to collect more gas per hour. The Ither fusion reactor collects ither to be made into anew energy source. Upgrade the ither fusion reactor to collect more of this resource. Build a power planet to provide your colony with a power supply and as you upgrade it you’ll reduce the amount of fuel that it requires. It’s a good idea early on in your game to upgrade your resource and power structures as much as possible s you have enough resources coming into your colony to build units, ships and complete other tasks. Another way to get additional resources is to mine them in space or do quests.

Colony Hall

Colony of War

The colony hall is the nerve center of your colony and you should upgrade this structure early on in your game. From the colony hall, you can collect taxes in the form of gold once each day to use in your colony. In the hall, you can get a capsule of free items each day if you are above level fifteen or you can buy one with game cash. Keep upgrading this structure when you have the resources available for the upgrade.

Research Center

One of the most important structures in your colony is the research center. In this structure, you’ll train up technologies to help your colony. The Robot Engineering Technology allows you to train up robots with advanced technology. Construction Tech reduces the time it takes to construct a new structure. Information and Science provides spying technology for your colony. Special Alloy Development will make your units stronger in defense. Engineering makes your units faster while Radar Tech improves their hit points. Photoelecton Engineering increases your radar development for the colony. Bionics makes machinery that mimics a living creature. Plasma Dynamics helps in the creation of unit bodies while Nano tech helps with the creation of communication devices for the military. Antimatter Research creates new technologies using a collider and Psychic Theory explains things that science has problems understanding.

Unit Factory

Colony of War

In this building, you’ll produce your robot units. As you level up in the game new units become available to build from the unit screen. In this structure, you can repair any damaged units too. You’ll need the required resources to build the unit and once it’s completed you can find it in your hanger area ready for setup with gear and use in space.


Colony of War

In your barracks, you can send your robot units and other military units on missions. Click the attack/scout button to access the game map. From this screen, you can select the zone to send your armies to or search by ID if you know the name of a person you want to attack. The map has several labels and areas you can send attack to such as enemy NPC bases. As you level up you’ll gain access to other areas of the map.

Apartment/Hospital/Concert Hall

The apartment structure will increase your gold output one percent per level. The hospital provides more storage for medical equipment and medical teams while the Concert Hall helps with recovery after a war.


This isn’t a structure on your screen but this tab gives you the option of producing additional defensive and offensive military units in the game. This screen produces ships and defensive platforms for your growing colony.


You can locate the hanger structure to the left of your screen. This building holds your robot units and from here, you can add weapons, armor, ammunition and various parts. You can buy additional parts from the colony station provided you have the gold and are at the appropriate level to equip them on your units.


Have fun with Colony of War. These structures all require upgrades so a good rule is to follow the quest line which will have you upgrade certain structures but also give you rewards too. Concentrate on the resource building at first before you build robots and other military units because they require large amounts of resources.


All images from Colony of War.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Colony of War.