Urban Warfare Review - Free mmo browser based war games on Facebook

Urban Warfare Review - Free mmo browser based war games on Facebook
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Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Urban Warfare is one of the many free mmo browser based war games you’ll find on Facebook and it’s also a city builder. The goal in the game is to build a city like you would do in a game such as Social City but you also train an army of soldiers to battle other Facebook players. You have residences for population, structures that make you coins, and barracks to train your army in. You can build defensive structures and at late levels, factories. The game does a good job combining the city building genre with combat.

Structures (4 out of 5)

Urban Warfare

The game has quite a few structures but not as many as traditional Facebook city builders since the game is more centered around combat. To gain population you can construct houses, apartments condos, and so on. These will take coins which you can get by building coin producing structures.. These coin building include your typical shops, malls, and gas stations. Other structures include steel producing buildings that unlock after level ten. These buildings produce steel used to make armored units in the game. The game features defensive structures such as bomb shelters, mine fields and missile turrets that raise your city defenses.

Decorations (2 out of 5)

The game only has a few decorative options with some tress and a few flowers but that is about it. The statue decorations can only be unlocked at higher levels. Roads can be added to your city along with waterway tiles and ocean tiles. As a city builder this game fails in the decorative department, so you won’t get a very nice looking city

Units (5 out of 5)

There’s quite a few different units you can construct in the game. You’ll find the basic soldier with riflemen, machine gunners , snipers, and scouts among others. Motor vehicles include supply trucks, APCS, jeeps, Abrams tanks, armored car, and delta force. With then airport and shipyard you can build naval and aircraft too. For some strange reason the barracks say “harvest” when the troops are ready. You never actually see these units they are only used in battles against other Facebook users. There’s no troops or vehicles moving around your city.

General Game Play (3 out of 5)

Urban Warfare is a decent game but the city itself is a little too plain. You can add roads but there’s not enough decorations. The game is all about constructing units and while this is good you really can’t do that much with them. The Facebook battles are just not very fun and get tired quickly. There’s no clans just the ability to play with your Facebook friends. The interface is nicely done and easy to use on the plus side with the game running smoothly.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Urban Warfare is an average Facebook game it can be fun to battle other Facebook players with your units for a bit but it tires quickly. The city building aspect needs some more decorative options to keep it interesting but you can add cool water tiles to your game area. If you like city builders and want to throw in some combat too try Urban Warfare but don’t expect a deep experience here.