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How to Reset Your Account in Vampires Live

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for how to reset your account in Vampires Live for the iPhone.

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    Vampires Live works similar to the other “Live” games from Storm8 like Zombies Live, Mafia Live, and Racing Live. Planning ahead from the beginning is important in Vampires Live as you are crafting a character that will have to be competitive in the later levels. What this means is that you have to delay level progress early on and focus your experience points in ways that will enhance attack and defense.

    If you hold off leveling up in Vampires Live then you can successfully get are larger influx of meat and therefore more abilities before you increase in levels. This will make you dominant in each stage of Vampires Live, but if you miss these steps then you can have a shaky foundation later on. Much of this is irreparable in Vampires Live and the only solution may be to start over. Here is a guide to resetting your Vampires Live account when needed.

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    Loyalty Points and Reset

    When you are ready to reset your Vampires Live account, go to the Vampires Live Home page. Go find the Lich under Traps and above Butchery. The Lich is where you spend your Loyalty Points in Vampires Live and you will see the number of Loyalty Points your account has right at the top. Below this you will see options for meat, refills, extra horde members, name change, and class change, all for a different Loyalty Points cost.

    Directly below “Change your class for 50 loyalty points” you will see “Reset your character for free.” This character reset is the only one of these options that does not cost Vampires Live Loyalty Points. Go ahead and hit the yellow Accept button to the right of this statement. To double check that you are sure that you actually want to reset your Vampires Live account another screen will come up with an empty text box in the middle. You will be instructed to write RESET in the text box and then hit the Confirm box below. Once you have done this your Vampires Live account will be completely reset. The only thing that will be maintained in your Vampires Live account is your Horde.

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