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Vampires Live, the long toothed division of the Live series inhabited by Mafia Live and Racing Live, brings together a different spin on this less than stellar series.

In line with its tradition, Vampires Live requires you to perform missions for blood and experience, take slaves as a form of property, stock up on expensive abilities, and even attack your neighbor as a libertarian individualist.

On the egalitarian front, Vampires Live also asks you to reach across the 3G network and make friends with other players. Friendship is a required feature of Vampires Live as your Clan needs to be filled to the brim. Without this, Missions and Attack will suffer and you will end up on the less popular side of the cafeteria.

Here is a quick and easy guide to adding people to your Clan in Vampires Live.

iPhone Contacts

  1. You start out by looking to the bottom of the touch screen at the Vampires Live task bar.
  2. On the far right is the Recruit button that will take you to the friend addition tab.
  3. When you do this for the first time it will ask to pull up your iPhone Contacts list.
  4. When you consent to this it will then ask you to enter your real name, both first and last.
  5. This will then be used in the invites given to people you are trying to lure into your Vampires Live clan.
  6. From here you can then send messages to those in your Contacts list asking them to enter into a covenant with you.

Clan Codes

Since this is not the most effective way to add friends, Vampires Live offers an alternative.

  1. On the Home screen select My Clan on the top right hand column.
  2. You will then be taken to another Recruit tab that lists your Clan Code at the top.
  3. Below this is a text bar that you can enter another person’s Clan Code to invite them.
  4. You can either make your Clan Code known to others so they will send you others or use their codes.
  5. The most effective way to collect a massive Vampires Live clan is to make your Clan Code known to as many people as possible and add every person that sends you an invite.

My Clan Code is T1ZTT, so add me freely.

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