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Vampires: Bloodlust Tips: Reward Points

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Here are tips and guides for purchasing and using Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points.

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    Vampires: Bloodlust Cheats

    Vampires: Bloodlust, as a Zynga iPhone game, maintains the profitable aspects for the developer that you saw in Mafia Wars. The real purpose of Vampires: Bloodlust for Zynga is to sell Reward Points to players who would like to cheat. This pay to cheat system in Vampires: Bloodlust is nothing new and you are left open to purchase these Reward Points in packages from the iTunes’ App Store. These are bought just like any pay iPhone application and once they download onto your iPhone desktop you select them. The Reward Points package will open up Vampires: Bloodlust and the account will have the purchased Reward Points. These Reward Points are then traded for different things in the game that you normally have to allow time for.

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    Buying Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points

    You spend your Reward Points inside Vampires: Bloodlust. When you are at the main Vampires: Bloodlust screen go to Elders, which is in the lower right hand corner. When you open up the Elders menu you will see how many Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points at the top. To the right of this will be a button that says “Get More Points.” When you select this button you will see a series of Reward Points packages that you can purchase. These include forty-two Reward Points, eighty-five Reward Points, and one hundred seventy points Reward Points. Each of these Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points packages have their own unique price respective to their number of Reward Points.

    Next to each Reward Points package will be a button that says “Buy Now,” and you press this if you want to buy more Reward Points while inside Vampires: Bloodlust. When you do you will be taken to the Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points package page on the App Store. This would be the same as if you had gone into the App Store and found the Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points package you were looking for.

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    Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points Tips

    In the regular part of the Vampires: Bloodlust Elders page, you will see a number of different options for purchasing items with Reward Points. Each option in the Elders costs a different number of Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points so you have to balance usefulness with cost. Usually trading Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points for money is the best use.

    Refilling the energy bar with Reward Points is a good choice once you have gotten to higher levels where you are more open to leveling up and there are Missions that have a very high financial return.

    One unique feature in the Vampires: Bloodlust Elders is the ability to simply buy skill points, which can be very useful for people who want to upgrade their account without the work. This can be important if you have made mistakes during leveling and spent your skill points in irresponsible places. Never use your Vampires: Bloodlust Reward Points to change your identity.

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    Free Reward Points

    Though it is not very common, there still is a history of Zynga giving away free Reward Points. These free Reward Points can be a way of maintaining interest in Vampires: Bloodlust or Mafia Wars and a way of provoking people to download the updates. Keep an eye out for these free Reward Points and make sure to take advantage of free Reward Points whenever they are made available.

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