Vampires Tips: The Bloodbank

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Saving Blood on the iPhone

Vampires, just like its development brother Pirates, is a direct incarnation of most of the features that the MMO text-based iPhone RPG genre promises. This includes Missions for blood and experience points, the ability to Fight other Vampires players for the same, and the use of blood to “learn” different abilities used for both of these institutions. Since blood, which is the stated currency of Vampires, is so important you will see that there is included a safety institution to protect what you have acquired from attacking Vampires players. Here are some tips for using the Vampires Blood Bank, which is a name that was clever the first time it was used in an MMO text based iPhone RPG and is now just a tired joke.

Vampires Blood Bank

When you are at the main Vampires home screen select Blood Bank, which is directly below Abilities and above Heal Yourself. When you are in the Vampires Blood Bank you are going to see that you can select to Deposit or Withdraw right at the top, which changes the display. If you select Deposit you are going to see your Blood Balance listed, which is how much blood you have off hand in your Vampires account. Below that is a text prompt where you can enter the amount of blood you would like to Deposit. Usually you will see the entire amount of blood you have free in your Vampires account there so if you do not want to Deposit the entire amount you will simply have to change this number,

To actually deposit the blood into the Vampires Blood Bank enter the number you want and while you are still prompted in the text box hit the Done button in the keyboard display. This will then Deposit the stated amount of blood into the Blood Bank. There is going to be a fifteen percent charge leveled on all Deposits placed into the Vampires Blood Bank. If you hit the Withdraw button at the top you will be given a different screen where you have a text prompt where you can enter the amount of blood you would like to Withdraw from the Vampires Blood Bank. This number cannot exceed to the total amount you have deposited into the Vampires Blood Bank, which is fifteen percent less than the total number you Deposited.

The process for Withdrawal works the same way with the interface as the Deposit system. There is no percentage charge on Withdrawal as there is with the Blood Bank Deposit.

iPhone Vampires Tips

The best Vampires Blood Bank tip that can be followed is to use it sparingly. The fifteen percent charge on incoming blood is actually higher than most in the MMO text-based iPhone RPG community and is somewhat unnecessary. Usually you will not need to protect your Vampires blood that much, but if it is early on and you are getting attacked continually you may want to stash some. It is prudent to always stash a little blood in here just as a survival insurance policy.

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