Vampires Tips: Healing Yourself

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Vampires on the iPhone

Vampires are traditionally known not only for their midnight S&M fantasies, but also for their replacement of the mortal coil with a incredibly healing vessel. The ability for Vampires to heal themselves is a feature that transfers most cultures folk mythology as it applies to this archetypal figure. The cheap, Twilight inspired, MMO text-based iPhone RPG phenomenon painting itself in Vampire lore takes this into account an interprets their universal Hospital model into a relative theme. The newer title Vampires includes this as well, though the name leaves a little to be desired. Here are some tips for using the Vampires Heal Yourself function.

Heal Yourself

Go to the main Vampires home screen and find Heal Yourself, which is under the Blood Bank storage system and above My Clan. In the Vampires Heal Yourself you are going to find a very simple interface. At the top, it simply states “You can pay blood to heal yourself.” This is really the main point of the Vampires Heal Yourself feature. Below this statement it lists how much Vampires blood you currently have to spend. Below that will be your heal button that says that you can heal yourself for a set amount of Vampires blood.

The amount of blood it costs to heal yourself is directly relative to how far from full health you are at that point. If you are almost dead then it is going to be a significant blood cost, and if you are only a few from the top then it will cost you almost nothing. If your health is completely full then you will not be able to go through this process at all.

Vampires Tips

Using the Vampires Heal Yourself is expensive no matter how you look at it. Once you get later in Vampires and have a higher health number it is going to be even more costly to use Heal Yourself. Instead of using Vampires Heal Yourself on a regular basis you should let yourself heal automatically. This does not cost anything and there is really no consequence for going to zero. Though you want to limit your number of deaths later on it is still usually best to save blood whenever possible.

The only time that using the Vampires Heal Yourself regularly is a good idea is if you want to continue with a number of Missions and Fights without stopping. This will only be possible later on when your Energy and Mana levels are much higher and allow you to go through a number of different things. Even here, you may want to just wait to heal back up if blood is your primary concern.

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