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    • Your Guide to Wii Fit
      Here's your organized, comprehensive guide to information on Wii Fit. We're players ourselves, so we had a vested interest in making sure this list of articles is informative and complete.
    • Feel the Burn - Great Calorie Burning Fitness Games on Wii
      Looking at the best fitness games for Wii, is a reminder of the way in which the Wii has transformed game playing from a sitting on the couch experience, to a much more get-up-and-go experience. So what are the best Wii fit games for burning calories?
    • Wii Fit: Yoga and Meditation
      Explore the benefits of the Yoga and meditation exercises included in Wii Fit. Can you obtain enlightenment through a video game?
    • Best Strength Exercises for Wii Fit
      Want to build strength but don’t have space for an entire home gym? Find out which strength exercises for the Wii Fit will help you build and tone muscle, strengthen your endurance and provide hours of fun at the same time.
    • Guide to Unlockable Items and Activities in Wii Fit
      Find out how to unlock all the Balance, Aerobic, and Strength activities in Wii Fit with our guide. Check out all the great Wii Fit rewards you can work towards.
    • The Wii Fit Plus Island Cycling Map: Guide to the Different Courses
      Shave minutes off your time and shorten your distance with these marked and labeled Wii Fit Plus Island Cycling Maps for Beginner, Advance, Island Tour, Expert, and Free Ride modes.
    • Wii Fit Hula Hoop and Super Hula Hoop: Tips and Tricks
      Hula Hoop and Super Hula Hoop on the Wii Fit aren't just good fun, they're good exercise! Learn how to hula hoop with Wii Fit, how to get the most spins and best score, and how to lose weight by hula hooping, all right here.
    • Top 5 Aerobics Step Platforms for the Wii Fit
      Looking for more challenge in your step aerobics workouts on the Nintendo Wii? Whether your thing is Wii Fit, EA Sports Active, or any other Wii workout, read on to find the best aerobics step platform for Wii Fit right here.
    • Can Wii Fit Really Get Me Into Shape? Wii Fit Weight Loss at the End of Week One
      It’s been a week since I took on the Wii Fit challenge and my abs are feeling the workout. Although I might feel more fit, have I achieved any Wii Fit weight loss or body mass?
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