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Japanese Myths and Legends Merge in Okamii for Wii

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Enter the world of Nippon as an ancient sun Goddess named Amatuerasu. You must defeat the serpent Orochi and restore the land. Fight legions of creatures while you journey through forests, villages, and across water. The legendary Okami is a visual materpiece on Wii.

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    Nippon is an ancient world where animals and insects collide. A wicked eight-headed serpent named Orochi has decided to take control of Nippon. After a 100-year hibernation sun goddess and wolf Amaterasu has risen to stop the Orochi madness. In Okami players get to be heroine Amaterasu on her quest to save the land. Your journey is not a solitary one. A bubbly bug companion by the name of Issun will join you. A path of flower petals are left behind you as you progress in the game. It represents the good you wish to restore. The entire game is depicted in vivid Japanese style cinematic scenes. Okami is a brilliantly designed action adventure game for Wii.

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    Okami is filled with hours of stimulating gameplay. Players must travel throughout the land of Nippon completing numerous quests along the way. These tasks range from minor acts of kindness such as feeding furry little creatures you encounter to finding buried treasure. On-screen scrolls appear as assistance. You earn an allotted amount of praise for each quest which adds to your total health. The level of ink you possess is also associated with the amount of health stored. During the game you will meet different quirky characters asking for assistance. Okami also has a variety of enemies you must face. You’ll find yourself fighting an assortment of challenging opponents including demons and a troublesome flying fish. Suprisingly the combat is fun. You’re given a selection of inventive weapons like the life beads. Using the Wii Remote simply flick toward your enemy crushing them with the string. Players can also avoid conflict by jerking the Nunchuk in the path you wish to leap. The vast land available for you to explore leads to extended hours of gameplay. Okami plays similar to Zelda: Twillight.

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    Graphics & Sound

    Designed for a widescreen HD experience Okami reigns supreme in graphics. Originally created for PS2 consoles this revised edition is impressive on the Wii. The Japanese inspired watercolor artistry brings art to life.The beautiful contrasts between budding villages and the dreaded cursed zones add to the cinematic feel. The sound is fantastic as well. Each battle starts off with a rhythmic drum melody accompanied by flute music. As you march through the land the stringing of harps can be heard. During conversations with certain Nippon villagers a clarinet plays. The tunes of Okami matches each scene perfectly. It’s a very whimsical soundtrack.

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    The controls for Okami is flawless. The celestial brush motion controls allow players to paint and draw in the Nippon world. Using the Wii Remote’s pointer to map out images which translate into certain maneuvers and attacks. Drawing a slash through a tree will cut them right down in the game. Players can revive dying plants by sketching a circle around the desired shrub. Bring up various weapons to destroy enemies by illustrating them as well. Vengeful demons can be sliced to pieces through several quick slashed of your celestial brush. This intensifies combat and quickens the entire flow of the game. Everything is mapped out effortlessly on Nintendo’s Wii Remote. The fate of Nippon rests soley in your hands.

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    Overall Rating

    Personally, it’s visually the most impressive game I’ve seen on Wii. Enhanced with a 3D engine, 480 progressive scan, and 16:9 widescreen modes you can’t get better graphics. Explore a beautiful massive land with miles of forests, deep oceans with hidden treasures, towns, and caverns. Solve perplexing puzzles, strategize, and fight a slew of odd creatures along your journey. Use the Wii Remote as a celestial brush to reverse the world of Nippon back to it’s peaceful state. This over 30 hour adventure game is must-have for every Wii collection. If you’re a fan of Zelda and other similar games than Okami Wii is for you.