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    • Enter a Zany World Where Anything Goes in Opoona for Wii
      One of the most off-beat RPG's to be introduced to the Wii System has arrived. Opoona takes gamers into a wacky world that combines traditional role-playing with lifestyle simulation for players of all ages. Toss your bon-bons and defeat the Dark Force.
    • Japanese Myths and Legends Merge in Okamii for Wii
      Enter the world of Nippon as an ancient sun Goddess named Amatuerasu. You must defeat the serpent Orochi and restore the land. Fight legions of creatures while you journey through forests, villages, and across water. The legendary Okami is a visual materpiece on Wii.
    • CID the Dummy Reviewed: Uninspired Platform Action
      This is an action platformer starring a crash test dummy who is sent on a quest to rescue the Professor's daughter from an evil rival known as D-Troit. The familiar game-play features simple puzzles and plenty of action but the controls are frustrating and this is mediocre stuff.
    • Smarty Pants Game for the Nintendo Wii
      The Wii Smarty Pants game is fun and enjoyable, great for all ages and perfect for parties and group gatherings.
    • Throw Punches Like a Pro with Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
      If you enjoyed the boxing game that came with your Nintendo Wii, you'll love Gold's Gym Cardio Workout.
    • Sushi Go Round Wii Review
      Sushi Go Round tries to blend frantic restaurant management with some novel modes. Read this review to see why this game doesn't succeed and whether it is worth a look anyway.
    • Warioware D.I.Y. Showcase Wii Review
      As an acompanying product, Warioware D.I.Y Showcase provides users the online facets and extras that were either not in the DS version or weren't as well produced. Showcase allows users to play D.I.Y on their Wii console, with additional features, is it worth the price tag? Read on to find out...
    • Sky Crawlers Innocent Aces for the Wii Review
      It may be based off of a movie, but it does not sink to the depths that most of these games do. The people who bought the Ace Combat series have put a lot of time into making the controls work for this flight combat simulator
    • Science Papa Review
      Science Papa is a well designed and easy to use video for you and your older kids to play and learn about science together. You can even compete against other scientists in contests designed to test your ability to carry out an experiment efficiently.
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