Conduit 2 Preview

Conduit 2 Preview
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Improving a License - Conduit 2 Preview

Last year, The Conduit launched to mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. On the one hand, the game offered solid FPS gameplay that made full use of the Wii’s motion functionality, provided online multiplayer, and delivered a completely original shooter for Nintendo’s shiny console. But on the other hand, The Conduit didn’t exactly cover all the bases as far as FPSes go. The single-player campaign was straightforward and predictable, and it lacked all the touches that make shooters on other platforms so deep.

Since then, Sega and developer High Voltage Software have once again teamed up to bring Conduit 2 to the Wii. This time around, the devs are attempting to incorporate the good qualities of the last game while leaving out the bad and replacing them with solid features. Though no one will know for sure how the game fares until it actually launches, so far it looks like it’s on the right path.

Single-Player Improvements

Improved AI and modern gameplay elements will be a part of the Conduit 2 experience.

High Voltage has been working on bringing many changes to the game’s single-player, which was heavily criticized in the first game. Rather than having you run through corridor after corridor, Conduit 2’s environments will be more open and have multiple paths to explore as well as boss battles to engage in. Additionally, you’ll explore different areas such as China, England, the Amazon, and Atlantis.

A number of modern FPS elements are also being thrown in to ensure that Conduit 2 feels up to date. You’ll be able to flip tables over and use them for cover. Shooting enemy armor will reveal weak spots. You’ll even see enemies with improved AI and physics. If the enemy’s got a long range weapon, don’t expect him to blindly run up to you. Spot a foe with a big gun, though, and be prepared for some closed in shooting. These are just some of the improvements High Voltage is adding to the Conduit’s gameplay, and they already seem like a step up from the last game.

Multiplayer Additions

Conduit 2 will feature boss battles, unlike the first game.

Multiplayer in The Conduit was praised for the most part, so the developers are simply fine-tuning the experience and adding a few new elements. In addition to co-op and versus modes, you’ll also be able add friends without switching Friend Codes through the game’s Ally System. This is a big plus considering FPSes rely greatly on friend rosters. Another cool addition that’s more of a behind-the-scenes implementation is patch support, which will allow fixes for any glitches that may hamper the online multiplayer experience.

Conduit 2 Preview - The Wii’s Next Breakout Shooter?

High Voltage is pulling out all the stops with Conduit 2. The developers intrigued Wii owners with the first game, but there were a few flaws that didn’t sit too well with the majority of the audience. This time around, fixes and tweaks are being made to provide a quality FPS on the Wii. Conduit 2 will launch in February of next year.