Wii Party Preview

Wii Party Preview
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A New Party Game from Nintendo

For some time, Mario Party was the definitive franchise in the party game genre. It provided an addictive, satisfying, and challenging gaming experience with its first entry on the Nintendo 64 then followed that up with a successful sequel that offered more of the same with a few minor modifications here and there. Since then we’ve seen Mario Party hit handhelds, arcades in Japan, and every Nintendo home console up to the Wii. We’ve even seen other party games such as WarioWare, Rayman Raving Rabbids, and others.

Since 2007, Nintendo has yet to release a Mario Party game on the Wii, and it seems like it will likely stay that way. Announced some time ago, Wii Party looks to take over where Mario Party 8 left off. And rather than including Mario and pals, this party game from Nintendo is set to feature extensive use of your Mii characters.

Board Games + Minigames - Mario

Mii characters will be the stars of Wii Party, Nintendo’s next foray into the party game genre.

What separates Wii Party from games such as Mario Party 8 and Rayman Raving Rabbids is its use of player-created Mii characters. While previous party games have included Miis in-game, this title looks to actually star the Mii characters rather than just having them pop up from time to time.

In terms of game modes, Wii Party will feature three different categories: Party Games, House Party Games, and Pair Games. Party Games will use board maps like in Mario Party. House Party Games will focus on the Wii Remote’s motion sensing technology, with a number of different motion-based minigames to participate in. Lastly, Pair Games will allow two players to either compete against one another or play cooperatively.

13 different game modes will be included within these three categories, and a total of 80 minigames are said to be expected in Wii Party. The majority of these will use the Wii’s motion-sensing technology prominently, so gamers who didn’t appreciate the waggle-centric minigames from Mario Party 8 may not enjoy them all that much. Although it should be noted that WarioWare: Smooth Moves also incorporated motion controls and provided a highly entertaining experience. So in essence, it’s better to just wait until you’ve tried the game to decide whether you want to knock it or not.

The Party Starts This October

Don’t look so mad, Mario. Maybe you’ll make it as an unlockable character in the next game.

Wii Party is set for release in North America on October 3. The game has already launched in Japan to mass critical acclaim, but who knows if western audiences will be as welcoming of the title, especially given our tiredness of party games. It should be noted, though, that Nintendo has managed to rise to the occasion by delivering fun minigame collections such as Wii Sports Resort. We’ll know for sure whether Nintendo’s latest party game is the next big thing for the genre or not when it releases in just over a month from now.