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SNK Arcade Classics Vol 1 Wii Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

SNK Arcade Classics was fun for someone who hadn't played any of these old titles, but might leave some gamers asking where the beef is. Only a few good games, and only an average challenge, but I still had fun.

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    Relive old and fun memories 

    The good old days of interactive entertainment 

    Let the arcade times roll 

    Classic Arcade Entertainment 

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    The Best Parts

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    SNK Arcade Classics lets you relive old and fun video gaming memories from an earlier age for gamers that remember playing any of the games included in SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1.

    You can choose to use a variety of game controllers, but the Gamecube controller worked best for me.

    A nice variety of games in several different genres gives you lots of options for fun and entertainment under one roof.

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    The Parts to Improve

    16 games is a nice amount, but too many are fighting and scroll-shooting titles with very similar game play and other elements which means you really don't have as much variety as first thought.

    The screen presentation was actually off center with a few of the games, which is unforgivable and very sloppy for a modern production, even though it didn't change the game play or take away from the entertainment level of the games.

    The entertainment level of many of the games is attached to the moves lists that have to be unlocked to use, which takes away from the entertainment value of a few of the better games until you unlock these critical elements.

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    The Graphical Story

    All of the games looked as good as I remember from days gone by. The graphical presentation, although dated, was still fun and entertaining to view.

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    Sounds in the Game

    The sound effects were funny when compared to the cutting edge and immersive audio effects of many of the games being developed today. However, they did their jobs and often made me laugh and smile as I played.

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    SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 contains many games that are fun and short. Not all are as playable as others, but this is often the case for compilations.

    Turf Masters was a golf simulation that was simple compared to the high-powered golfing experiences of today, but at least it was 18 holes, and all the elements necessary for a pretty good golf experience were present.

    Metal Slug is a fun and engaging side-scrolling shooter with cute animations, especially in the animations of the vehicles, which bounce up and down nicely. You can even shoot in all 8 directions and have grenades as secondary weapons with this 2-D video game.

    Super Sidekicks 3 is a football simulation that has elements of a slap stick beat-em up game, the tackles happen with a real crunch that is over-the-top fun.

    World Heroes is a real classic and maybe the best game in the compilation, but you do need to spend time with this title to make the most of the experience, which is different when compared to the other 15 games included in SNK Arcade Classics. You can even play the game with; Bruce Lee, Rasputin, and even Hulk Hogan-like characters.

    The remaining games are; Magician Lord, Shock Troopers, Baseball Stars 2, Art of Fighting, Burning Fight, Fatal Fury, King of the Monsters, Last Resort, Samurai Showdown, Sengoku, The King of Fighters 94', and Top Hunter.

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    The Bottom Line

    SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 has a few games that will provide a few hours of classic fun; Metal Slug, Baseball Stars 2, and World Heroes being the best of the group. Many are very similar in game play and concept, so there's less here for the money than the box says. They were all pretty easy to beat, even on the highest difficulty level, so the challenge level isn't particularly high with the majority of the games. Still for the price, SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 has more than enough entertainment once you unlock everything and give everything a try, so it gets my vote.