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Wii Game Review: Wii Game Party

by: georgeroot ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Game Party is a nice collection of bar games that you can play at home. It includes such favorites as darts, shuffleboard, and air hockey.

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    Wii Game Party is a collection of bar games that were given family-friendly names by Midway, and then packaged as fun for everyone of every age.

    This game is not going to win any awards, but its growing popularity indicates that it is capturing the attention of Wii gamers all over the world.

    This is the first game in the Game Party series so it is bound to have some bugs that would be worked out in Game Party 2. But overall it gets its point across nicely and offers a fun party video game.

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    Game Plot

    The idea behind Game Party is pretty simple. You will find darts, a basketball game called hoop shot, a beer pong game re-titled ping cup, a shuffleboard game, skee-ball that has been renamed skill ball, a table hockey game, and a very basic trivia game.

    The idea is to play these games as much as possible and acquire tickets to help unlock new levels and some other mini-games scattered throughout the various levels.

    Games like this are perfect for the Wii, because only the Wii can make the game of darts into an interesting video game. Some parlor games were made for the Wii, and most of them are on Game Party.

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    Game Play

    Some of the games in Game Play are worth playing just because of the interactive element of the Wii. Shuffleboard is a great example of a game that should bore you to tears, but actually captures your interest because it really feels like you are playing shuffleboard.

    Hoop shot falls short of expectations possibly because they tried to do too much with the Wii controller and made it a little more complicated than it should be.

    But of all the games on Game Party that offer an interactive feeling nothing comes close to skill ball. Skill ball is Midway's version of skee-ball, and you could easily lose track of time trying to play this game. Skill ball falls into the category of one of those unexplained Wii mysteries that happens when you mix the right game with the right interactive game controls.

    The rest of the games are smooth in the game play, but can get a little boring after a while.

    The value in Game Party is when a group plays it. This particular Wii video game has something for everyone to try, and it could be the cornerstone to a friendly gathering.

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    Graphics and Audio

    It almost isn't fair to give Game Party a low rating in this category because there was not a lot they could do with the graphics and sound in this game, but there was no attempt at all to add any spice to the game. Game Party provides only the very basics when it comes to graphics and audio.

    Game Party was designed to be an inexpensive video game for the Wii system when it was first introduced, but a couple of more hours of programming here and there could have given it so much more value.

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    The Final Word

    if you are having a friendly get-together and you are wondering what Wii video game to use, then Game Party is not a bad choice. It is a good game to use to introduce people to Wii controllers that may have never used them before, and there are enough popular games on here to get people's attention if only for a little while.

    Game Party is probably not the kind of a game that you want to buy and play when you are by yourself, but then again if they wanted people to buy it and play it alone then they would not have called it Game Party.

    For an informal gathering looking for entertainment it is worth the low purchase price. Give it a try!