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The Destiny of Zorro Wii Review

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

The Destiny of Zorro is to languish in bargain bins if this title is anything to go by. Another terrible release for the Wii which combines poor gameplay with dull graphics and is not worth anywhere near the asking price. Find out why you should avoid this title in the full review.

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    Sword Fighting on the Wii

    The Destiny of Zorro Cover Zorro is the famous masked swordsman who caused endless trouble for the evil Spanish. Set in California in the early 19th century this third-person action game features various missions for our hero as he fights for the oppressed. The idea of a sword fighting game on the Wii giving you the chance to carve out that signature Z was an exciting prospect but sadly this is a terrible game.

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    The fact that The Destiny of Zorro Wii game was delayed for a long time should give you some indication that the development did not go as smoothly as planned. The potential for a rip roaring action packed swash buckler with players jumping around the living room waving the Wii remote as they slash enemies was missed entirely. The Destiny of Zorro is more likely to cause players to jump around in frustration because of the poor controls.

    The game opens with you investigating a local mob boss who has been stealing cattle from the mission and disguising himself as a golden bull. It is every bit as rubbish as it sounds. Zorro fights injustice wherever he finds it and that paves the way for a series of missions which are poorly thought out and dull to play. The obvious lack of imagination is even more pronounced when his girlfriend gets kidnapped.

    The Destiny of Zorro sword fighting skeletons The Destiny of Zorro is an action game and there are plenty of enemies to defeat. You are armed with a sword which you can swing around by swinging the Wii remote. You also have a whip as a secondary weapon and it can be used to grab onto various swing points in the map and fly through the air. You can also use your whip to knock enemies back. At the bottom left there is a Bravado Meter which charges up as you beat on the poorly trained goons and allows you to unleash a special attack. You can hit harder or you can try a Zorro move and follow the movements onscreen to pull off a Z and a bunch of other slash attacks.

    There is no skill in the sword fighting and all you are really doing is swinging the Wii remote over and over. The occasional alternative moves always challenge you to pull off three simple slashes, copying the pattern on screen. They are varied in effectiveness but they add very little to the gameplay. This is really repetitive and uninspired stuff. It doesn’t matter if you're terrible at controlling Zorro because the enemy AI is so poor you can afford to take your time.

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    The Destiny of Zorro, Zorro runs up a hill The visuals match the poor gameplay with frame rate issues and dull environments. The characters are very basic models, they have a limited range of animations which are repeated over and over and when you kill them they vanish into thin air. The clipping is less than accurate and Zorro moves awkwardly and doesn’t always play his animations correctly which makes him look less than heroic. Sometimes he floats in the air because the collision is so badly done and he can even get stuck on the environment in places. The camera also offers fixed views on the third-person action and some of the transitions are seriously jarring. The Destiny of Zorro is shoddy and it is tough to forgive especially when you consider the game was in production for a relatively long time.

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    There is limited music in The Destiny of Zorro and although it is in the right classical Spanish style it repeats so often that it quickly becomes annoying. The environments are lacking any ambient sound to give them atmosphere and the sound effects on attacks are very basic. The voiceover work is not the greatest but Zorro does at least occasionally utter his trademark insults to the moronic villains he is fighting.

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    The Destiny of Zorro swash buckling action The Destiny of Zorro is poor in every respect. It doesn’t even last very long which you may decide is a mercy. Something obviously went badly wrong during the development of this game. It was developed by Pronto Games and published by 505 Games. The gameplay, the graphics and the sound are all lacking in this game and you will be done with it after a few short hours of frustration. The simple gameplay is much too repetitive and while you could maybe argue that young kids could master it quite easily the game is not really suitable for them. It got a 10+ rating from ESRB and 12+ from PEGI. They actually had the cheek to release this at full price and for $40 this cannot be recommended. This is another title for the mountain of sub-standard rubbish that has been churned out for unsuspecting Wii gamers.