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Six Flags Fun Park Wii Game Review

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Six Flags Fun Park is suitable for keeping the kids entertained on a rainy afternoon and you might even enjoy playing a game just to show them who the boss is. An Animal Crossing style world with tons of mini-games, things to do, and items to collect - you won't notice the lack of polish.

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    Six Flags Fun Park Wii: The Fun Parts

    Six Flags Fun Park Wii Six Flags Fun Park is a Wii game suitable for all ages of novice or casual gamers looking for a few minutes of engaging, hilarious and entertaining virtual fun. Six Flags Fun Park is full of interesting family games in a colossal park environment that will challenge, involve, and even satisfy the young mind. It's as easy as pointing and clicking for players to move around and interact in the environments.

    Six Flags Fun Park allows the kids to create their own cute custom character to test their Wii skills with. They can play with or against friends and win prizes in 40 engaging, yet relatively easy to play, mini-games.

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    Six Flags Fun Park Wii: The Lame Parts

    Six Flags Fun Park has a linear story line that requires the gamer to complete task A to get to task B, so you're forced to complete the less entertaining mini-games in order to unlock the next area. Only six of the mini-games were any fun for me to play, but kids will certainly find them more compelling.

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    The Game Graphics

    Six Flags Fun Park Wii Screenshot The cute and charming characters of Six Flags Fun Park have a simple graphical style with bright colors that are diverse and eye-catching for the kids. The six included themed areas of Six Flags Fun Park each have a unique style and look that weaves nicely into a pattern that compliments the simple gameplay.

    There were no flaws in the graphical presentation of the character animations, but Six Flags Fun Park doesn't exactly push the graphical envelope of even the Wii console.

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    Sounds in the Game

    Six Flags Fun Park actually has a pretty simple but upbeat and pace setting score of cartoon like tunes made to entertain younger minds and keep their energy up as they play. This really helps to keep your energy up when you're playing the slower and less than engaging and satisfying mini-games.

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    The Storyline

    The mayor of the Six Flags Fun Park and his father have had a disagreement that has left their relationship in tatters. Your job is to enter the park and by interacting with various individuals in the park, which will involve playing and beating the mini-games and repair their relationship somehow.

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    Six Flags Fun Park Wii Screenshot 2 Six Flags Fun Park has a variety of mini-games to play, but only a few of them were interesting enough to get my attention. For me, the best mini-games involved shooting a basketball or other item, throwing darts at a target, and target practice while traveling in a roller coaster.

    Six Flags Fun Park for the Nintendo Wii has a single player experience that allows you to choose between playing this slow and relatively easy game as a boy or a girl that would certainly entertain a child for a few hours. 7 Studios also included a multiplayer mode that's about as entertaining and satisfying as the single player experience, so we better leave it to the kids.

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    Six Flags Fun Park meets the basic entertainment requirements of its design targets, casual gamers and the younger crowd that prefers a game that has a pretty low learning curve. Six Flags Fun Park isn't recommended for older gamers, but it is certainly capable of entertaining and engaging the senses of the casual gamer who hasn't experienced the full virtual-Monty that games like Killzone 2 and Infamous are capable of producing.