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Elebits starts off with a young boy named Kai who puts himself in charge of collecting all of the elebits that escaped during a lightning storm.

Without elebits there is no power to the world. No lights, no electricity, nothing but darkness. It is up to Kai to collect all of the escaped elebits by using his father’s zap gun. (Fear not folks, the zap gun only collects the elebits. It does not kill them.)

The only time you ever see Kai is during the games cut scenes. The rest of the game takes place in a first person shooter. Basically it is you thrown into a cute environment such as a bedroom, kitchen, or street setting. Your job is to locate the elebits and zap at them using the Wii trigger.

It’s a lot of button mashing, hunt and find fun. Best of all, it is very addicting.

Game Play & Controls (4 out of 5)

Wattage is what this game is all about. In order to complete levels, you must zap enough elebits in order to gain wattage. Wattage though depends on the elebits mood when you capture it. If the elebit is happy when you zap it, the wattage will increase making completing the level faster. If it is scared or confused when you zap it, the wattage will increase slower. Each level has a timer, that will range from either 5 minutes, up to 15 minutes. I found that there was mostly more than enough time to complete each level.

As time goes on, however, the game gets a little harder. It presents a good challenge even if you have to repeat the same level 4 or 5 times till you complete it.

Game play is all relatively simple. You zap at elebits using either the button underneath the Wii remote, or you can zap at them by pressing the A button. Using the trigger button under the Wii remote though makes it feel more like you are holding a gun than a remote, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

You move around the environment you are in with Wii nun-chucks control. When you spot an elebit, simply zap it with the controls on the Wii remote. That is basically it. As bland as that may sound though, the game is actually a lot of fun.

Elebits is a first person shooter game that has combined the very fun element of hunting and finding. As you go through levels, you will be ripping through dresser drawers, searching under furniture, and yanking up objects to hopefully find hiding elebits. They are small colorful creatures that have a sort of Pikmin appearance to them.


The few beginning stages of Elebits are all relatively simple to complete. These stages for me seemed more like a tutorial to the game, and were all a breeze to finish. As the game goes on, your gun will power up which grants it more strength. Eventually you will be able to lift and throw furniture around, which is fun but also presents some minor quirks such as blocking yourself into a corner. The furniture that you are able to throw also lifts up and flings with ease; possibly too much ease, and can end up soaring very far away. Things get tricky though because some levels only allow you to break a certain amount of things in order to pass the level. Seeing that it is so easy to break things (especially if you accidentally throw some furniture) when your gun is really powered up, it gets hard.

Opening doors sometimes can present difficulty. Doors require you to press the A button, and to twist your wrist in a manner that you would to open a real door. The controls though can quirk up at times and it can present a real problem for when you are running out of time.

As the game goes on enemies are eventually added to the mayhem. If you make a mess of a level you are in, spiked elebits will pop up in the area. They are really easy to kill though, so even if they become an annoyance they are not something you have to worry all too much about. When they do pop up though they will attempt to launch themselves at you. Your character can take 5 hits before you have to start the level over again.

A boss level will occur at the end of about every 5 or 6 levels. Bosses are all really easy to beat. Boss levels in my opinion were rather disappointing due to how easy they were to conquer. The only boss that provides any challenge whatsoever was the final boss.

Sounds (4 out of 5)

The music that plays lightly in the background is nothing groundbreaking. The sounds you hear mostly are relaxing mixes of chimes and beats.

With each level you complete, the levels tune will be added to your song inventory. You can choose to use these songs on other levels for when you are playing them. The selection is quite large and appreciated because some levels can last up to 15 minutes.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

Elebits is set up in a cartoon like manner. Colors are rich, bold, and objects and items located in the game look realistic to that colorful 3D cartoon appearance they were going for.

Nintendo games have always won me over with their cute, bubbly graphics, and Elebits is no exception. The graphics are not as stunning as titles on other consoles, but for Nintendo this is what sets them apart. While other console games concentrate on visually stunning gamers with their crisp graphics, Nintendo works with cutie patootie graphics that still manage to impress.

All in all, I feel that players of Elebits will enjoy the colorful levels presented to them.


Re-Play Value (4 out of 5)

I have owned Elebits for close to 2 years now, and time and time again I find myself popping the game into my Nintendo Wii for another solid addicting run with the game.

After beating the game entirely, I did not pick up the game again for a few months. However, each time I did pick it up, I played it from start to finish without ever growing bored. The replay value is not excellent, but it is definitely there.

Overall (4 out of 5)

I love Elebits for Nintendo Wii. It is one of my favorite games, and I find myself replaying it time and time again. It makes good use of the Wii remote and Nun-chuck. The quirks in the game are there, but frankly I have so much fun zapping away at the little elebit creatures that I rarely recognize or get frustrated with the quirks.

Elebits in my opinion is a game that children and adults alike will enjoy playing. It is definitely worth purchasing and adding to your gaming inventory.

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