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Go Play Lumberjacks Wii Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Go Play Lumberjacks is a fast, fun, engaging video game that had me and the kids laughing and playing. Recommended for all ages and types of gamers, Go Play Lumberjacks is a fantastic effort for the first of the planned video games under the Go Play label.

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    The Good Parts

    Go Play Lumberjacks for the Wii gaming console 

    Go Play Lumberjacks for the Wii gaming console has a number of engaging and satisfying outdoor sports to try, many of which you have probably heard about or maybe even seen in action. The axe and saw events were a pleasure to play and were actually difficult to achieve consistently.

    The most entertaining, challenging, and fun sawing event has you sawing logs in different forms and fashions as fast as you can. You have to press buttons on the Wii-remote while moving the remote in a sawing motion to saw logs. You need to get in front and stay in front of the other competitors to win.

    The axe events were almost as entertaining, but not as deep an experience as the sawing events. You throw axes at player specific targets that increase in difficulty for points.

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    The Bad Parts

    Go Play Lumberjacks lets you try a few unusual activities 

    Go Play Lumberjacks has a total of 15 outdoor events included, but they aren't all as fun or satisfying to play as the sawing events. In particular, the climbing events, which require you to climb poles while trying to avoid balloons, and the chopping events, which only require you to match simple motions, were far too easy to challenge even a novice gamer for long.

    Go Play Lumberjacks supposedly enables me to use my created Miis, but I couldn't get my in-game Miis to show up in the game. After playing for a few hours my Miis did eventually become available for use, but there was still a delay.

    Go Play Lumberjacks is far too simple to entertain an adult for more than a few minutes, but it will keep the kids entertained for about four hours if they play the whole game. This series of energetic video games will need some more work down the road, but the first steps they have taken appear to be pretty good.

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    The Graphical Picture

    Mii Intergration The background screens included with Go Play Lumberjacks have been drawn with good detail, bright colors, and a crisp appearance that makes looking at this game almost as much fun as playing it. The unique look and style of the included characters is distinct enough to easily tell them apart and everything is easy to find on the screens. The animations of the characters were fast and smooth during all of the different events, which made playing the various events fun and engaging.

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    Sound in the Game

    The sound track included with Go Play Lumberjacks repeats a series of soft tunes and upbeat electronic tunes that were actually pretty entertaining, despite hearing them all the time. The tunes are all lighthearted, which is great for keeping kids involved in the game, and fit the theme of each of the events well.

    All the sound effects for the various events were distinct and engaging for the ears, from the grating sound of the saw, to the sound of flesh meeting water in the log rolling event.

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    Go Play Lumberjacks isn't available for the Xbox or Playstation 

    Go Play Lumberjacks is too easy to entertain the kids for more than a few hours and they won't be playing this game again and again. Only a few of the events are fun enough to keep the senses engaged and even those events are singular and don't have any real depth.

    There is some playability in unlocking the additional characters, special bonuses, and upgrades, but even these elements lack enough entertainment value to inspire you to play the game long enough to unlock them.

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    The Last Word

    Go Play Lumberjacks is a pretty good first effort for the Go Play series of games that Majesco Entertainment has in the works. They have produced a game that's entertaining enough for the mass market audience they make their games for and should do pretty well in the stores. I don't recommend the game for adults, just kids, unless the adults want to spend time with the kids, in which case this game will definitely entertain and make your time together fun and enjoyable.