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Aliens in the Attic Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Aliens in the Attic is a great game to keep the kids busy on a rainy day and even to entertain casual gamers looking for a little virtual fun. The controls have a few issues, but the story line is funny and engaging, and you get to play as an alien bent on taking over the Earth.

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    The Story Line

    Aliens in the Attic takes you through a virtual universe of fun and entertainment 

    Aliens in the Attic's engaging and satisfying story line was the best part of this adventure video game. The writing of the dialogue, all the scenes, and the character development in this story are outstanding. The concept of aliens taking over the Earth is tired and old but the way the writer has transformed this old-concept into a different tale makes it extremely entertaining and engaging for the mind.

    Aliens in the Attic is written by the same writer that created Madagascar and one of the Wallace and Gromit tales. The story line this talented and sought after writer has created for Aliens in the Attic is a tale that has all the elements of a classic. A timeless story of cute and deadly aliens landing on Earth to take possession of a planet overrun with hairy apes (humans) that entertains at every turn of the page. The aliens find upon arrival that the plans they had set in place eons ago will have to be put on hold until they can find away to control the children as they have the adults. The children are immune to the mind controlling devices the aliens have used on the adults. The aliens need to find away to control the children, so they can reach the Sizematron they buried beneath the families country home and carry out their plans.

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    The Graphical Picture

    Aliens in the Attic for the Wii 

    The graphical presentation of the Wii version of Aliens in the Attic is average for a Wii video game. The colors are a little dull and lifeless in the environments included in this video game. The big country home used as the battleground for this adventure has a nice variety of environments. You'll battle the children in the living room, the garden, on the roof of the building and even through the venting system. All the animations are smooth and fast in all of the movements of the characters which makes the battles intense and challenging.

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    The Controls

    The control scheme included with the Wii version of Aliens in the Attic is a useful system that allows you to make most of the movements and actions required without any problems. There are a few minor glitches included in the game play of the platforming game play of this video game that are a result of the control design. The controls also didn't respond or work properly at critical times which made it frustrating to play this video game occasionally.

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    Sounds in the Game

    Aliens in the Attic is great fun for all ages 

    The sound track included with the Wii version of Aliens in the Attic isn't very entertaining at the best of moments. The songs included will entertain the kids more than the adults, with tunes that vary between rock and energetic electronic tunes. The sound effects of all the individual weapons and devices are unique but they aren't very sharp or memorable.

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    Game Play

    Aliens in the Attic has weird and fuzzy creatures to play with 

    Aliens in the Attic has a number of platforming issues and one control issue that decrease the playability of this video game significantly. There's one point in the adventure where I had to double-jump up to a platform on a cliff that was difficult to get around. Every time I came close to the cliff wall to prepare to double-jump up to the platform, I would fall through the wall and into an endless abyss. To make things worse the only way I could get around this was to start over. At other points in the adventure the double-jump function refused to work properly and I had to figure out another way to get to my destination.

    The playability of the Wii version of Aliens in the Attic is in the way you can easily switch between the 4 different aliens you play. They each have particular skills and abilities that are important to your progression through the game. In addition to strengths and weaknesses you need to learn to take advantage of and avoid while playing this entertaining and satisfying video game.

    You can play one of four aliens (Razor, Skip, Sparks and Tazer) while you play the Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 2 versions of Aliens in the Attic. Each of these knee-high aliens has unique powers and abilities that add to the variety of the game play. They were all fun to play and you'll need to switch back and forth constantly as you progress through this adventure video game.

    Aliens in the Attic includes a number of different problems that need to be fixed if they decide to make a sequel. The opening level of this adventure video game doesn't do enough to introduce you to the game play and action. You're basically thrown in at first without any direction and expected to teach yourself. This makes it frustrating to play at times in the opening level because you have no idea where to go and what to do.

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    The Final Word

    The Wii version of Aliens in the Attic isn't going to compete with the Xbox 360 version of Aliens in the Attic on any level. This video game will entertain kids despite the inherent problems included with the production. A younger casual gamer will be entertained for an hour or two but adults won't be entertained beyond the first hour. If you want to try a good video game based on a current movie, you should stick to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Ice Age: The Dawn of Dinosaurs.