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Birthday Party Bash Review

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Birthday Party Bash is charming and entertaining enough to entertain the intended audience for this video game, younger kids. A great addition to your five year olds birthday bash for sure but the next year make sure you take a schedule more time for this imporant event.

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    This is Birthday Party Bash

    The next time you're planning a birthday party for a little one in your family but work or random events in your life are making it impossible for you to do the occasion justice. You might want to check out a video game for the Wii console that can add a little entertainment to the occasion and make it a lot easier for you to give your child an unforgettable experience. Birthday Party Bash is a family-friendly kid's game by the developer of the fun and popular Wii video games Carnival Games: Mini Golf and Carnival Games, Cat Daddy Games.

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    Birthday Party Bash Makes Creating a Birthday Bash Easier

    Developed exclusively for the Wii to be a birthday-party-solution for the busy parent who wants to give their children the perfect birthday party, Birthday Party Bash makes the job easier by doing some of the work for you. Birthday Party Bash's publisher has teamed with Duncan Hines, discount party super store Party City, and, the leading on line invitation website to offer parents a few money saving, whole-party solutions. Included with Birthday Party Bash are coupons from Duncan Hines and Party City to help busy parent outfit their child's birthday party with decorations, supplies and even desserts. In addition, there are customized on line invitations that they can access from to streamline this part of the process.

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    How Entertaining is the Game Play in Birthday Party Bash?

    Birthday Party Bash allows you to choose from one of ten different party themes for your birthday party 

    Birthday Party Bash is a simple video game that will improve the experience of a birthday party but it isn't a replacement for a tasty cake and the smile of friends. This video game's game play is entertaining enough for a group of kids below the age of seven or eight. You start by selecting from ten different birthday party themes. Selections appropriate for both boys and girls have been included, like a princess in a royal castle and pirates with swords and a treasure chest. After this, you need to customize your birthday character you'll use during the game by age, sex, and looks. Your next step is to invite up to twelve people to the birthday party using the 12 ready to mail invitations that are included.

    One of the best and most entertaining parts of having a birthday party can be decorating the room where the festivities will occur. Birthday Party Bash tries to make it more entertaining with a series of mini-games to help you fill your virtual room with all the decorations to keep the party going. Add party hats, special chairs, presents to mark the occasion in style, or a banner with the name of the birthday boy or girl. The games were very simple which is great for younger kids and it should keep them entertained for a few minutes.

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    How Entertaining was the Party?

    Once the party starts the kids can engage in a series of party games that includes party favorites like Pin the Tail, Musical Chairs, Sack Race, Hot Potato, Present Frenzy and Balloon Paper. All the games are simple pick up and play affairs that little kids will have little trouble playing, yet for the few minutes they'll be playing this video game, it will keep the party going. Birthday Party Bash is definitely one of the 5 best Wii games for hardcore gamers below the age of 5, I have ever reviewed.

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    How Does Birthday Party Bash Look?

    Birthday Party Bash has a look suitable to entertain kids 

    Birthday Party Bash has an average graphical presentation that's only suitable for kids and it's not going to be on the list of the 5 best Wii games. Young kids are the intended audience for this title, which is probably why they didn't try to do anything more than they had to with the presentation. It wouldn't have hurt for them to add a little more for the eye to enjoy. Constantly looking at bland party environments with a few simple party accessories wasn't much fun. They did include a nice variety of themed birthday party environments that each make for a nice party atmosphere. The colors are soft and there's basic party elements in the environments that will keep the kids entertained as they play the game.

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    How do the Controls Work in Birthday Party Bash?

    Birthday Party Bash makes great use of the point and click ability of the Wii remote to make this video game easy enough for a three year old to operate. This simple system was perfectly smooth during use and I experienced no Wii remote accidents of any kind. Cat Daddy Games did a good job of making the control system implemented in this video game easy to use and flawless in execution. This system isn't set up to use the Wii MotionPlus accessory but then it isn't necessary with the simple game play included with this Wii video game.

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    How are the Sounds in Birthday Party Bash?

    Birthday Party Bash can be a nice accessory to a birthday party 

    The sound track included with Birthday Party Bash includes a score of lighthearted children's songs that sounds okay but they repeat so often that they become old really quick. The songs that play change with the theme you choose for the party but they still repeat too often. The best part is the birthday song that plays at the end of the video game. This song will actually include the name of the birthday boy or girl and is a nice touch that the kids will love.

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    The Last Word About Birthday Party Bash

    Birthday Party Bash will improve the birthday experience for a little kid if they've into video games and might be able to help a busy parent with plans for their child's birthday party. Letting the younger kids play this video game during a party will keep them entertained for a few minutes and this is the ultimate goal of this Wii title. Busy parents in need of something to help them improve their child's birthday party should take a look at this video game. You can always give it away to another busy parent in need, if you find it helped you.