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Boom Blox: Bash Party Gem Topple Guide

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Gem Topple is just one of the many great modes in Boom Blox: Bash Party. Our general guide will provide you with some great tips and tricks to help you achieve gold medals on even the toughest levels.

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    Boom Blox Bash Party I don't think it's any secret around here that Boom Blox Bash Party is one of my favorite games for the Nintendo Wii. The game's innovative combination of motion controls and puzzle game mechanics has led to many a repetitive motion injury around my household.

    In all that time with the game, I've picked up a few tips and tricks that have helped me achieve gold medals in most of the game's events.

    Not wanting to let all that time spent playing go to waste, I shall attempt to pass on some of the better tricks to you here.

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    Gem Topple Strategies

    Blox in Space The secret to toppling massive amounts of gems is well-placed throws. Most structures in the game have some sort of weak point, all you have to do is find and exploit it.

    Take advantage of the opening pan around the level. Often, this slow-moving sneak peek can provide you with valuable insight into the construction of the structure you're trying to topple. Take a look at anything the pan seems to be specifically highlighting, as the developers often take advantage of this to provide subtle hints to the player. Plan your attack accordingly.

    Time is usually not a factor in the gem toppling levels, so be sure to pan around and take some time to plan out a strategy. Try to imagine what effect your first throw will have on the structure, and always be planning a throw or two ahead.

    Get Those Gems any Way You Can Of course, you're not always going to see a viable strategy right off hand, so don't be afraid to experiment with some random throws, too. Sometimes it's the only way to find out what's hidden inside a structure. A turn wasted opening up a structure may reveal a hidden explosive block that is the key to successfully completing the level. You get unlimited retries, so you can always go for the high score on a subsequent attempt. Time spent discovering a structure's weaknesses is never time wasted in the world of Boom Blox.

    The goal for the level can actually assist you in planning your strategy. If you only get two throws for a gold medal, for example, then you know it can be done in just two tries. You will approach a level in which you only get two throws for a gold than you will one that allows you five, for example.

    Check out page two for more gem topple strategies, including tips for using vanishing and exploding blox to your advantage.

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    More Gem Topple Strategies

    Use Vanishing Blox to Your Advantage Every structure has a weak point. An extremely well-reinforced top may give way under a direct assault to a structure's precariously-balanced bottom blocks. Likewise, structures can be set up to topple down upon one another, saving you valuable throws. Never attack a series of lined up structures from the middle until you've made sure that the whole lineup can't be brought down by one well-placed throw to either end.

    When chemical blox are present, you should make setting up chain reactions a priority. Try to imagine how blowing up one set of blox will affect the rest of the level. Will it send a subsequent chemical block off to create yet another explosion? Always try to anticipate the results of a throw, especially when you can set up multiple explosions and bring an entire structure crashing hastily down.

    Gotta Love Those Exploding Blox With vanishing blox, remember that you can aim at the point where two blox meet to cause them both to disappear. Vanishing blox are usually set up at crucial junctions in a structure, removing two at once will help you bring it down that much faster.

    Pan around the structure, looking for the one block that will potentially bring the whole thing down. Maybe there's one section supporting an otherwise unbalanced part of the structure. Taking out a part like this will bring the whole thing crashing down quite quickly.

    Don't be afraid to pause between throws. Sometimes, a slowly-moving piece will set off a chain reaction that will bring the whole thing down without requiring further input from you and saving you valuable throws. Always make sure everything has stopped moving before throwing again. I can't tell you how many times this has saved me in the Slingshot Style game.

    Sometimes chain reactions are easy to see. Other times, you almost have to come across them by accident. Usually, if a level seems too hard to complete by normal means, you're going to have to set off some kind of chemical or lava block reaction to complete it. Look for these things in every level.

    Wow, two whole pages and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of strategy in this great game. Hopefully I've given you a bit of a leg up in the world of Boom Blox. Just remember, when all else fails, as in life, don't be afraid to toss a few wild bowling balls in there and see what happens.