Happy Feet - The WIi Walkthrough

Happy Feet - The WIi Walkthrough
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Happy Feet: The Wii Game

Happy Feet is a Wii game that was created after its popular animated movie counterpart of the same name. It is a story about an Emperor Penguin born different from other penguins of his kind. He will try to fit in, hopelessly dancing instead of singing like others of his kind does until he meets new friends of his own, who accept him for who he is. Mumble and his group of other penguin friends must then go on a journey to try and discover the reason behind the shortage of fishes in their land, finding love and losing love in the process.

Happy Feet

Type of Games


The Happy Feet game can be played in two types of settings, the Story Mode (which follows the story and is a single player game) and the Family Mode, which allows multiple players to play the games that one usually would play when engaged in the story mode.

To note, there are actually 3 categories for gaming in Happy Feet. One is Dancing (which is actually the whole premise of the story), Racing (that can either have you collecting or doing a time-lap checkpoint game) or Belly Sledding (which most players actually attest to be the best feature in this game).

A. Dancing - Dancing in Happy Feet is similar to games like Dance Dance Revoution, wherein players have to follow the pattern of arrows that glide across the screen. They have to do this in precision, using the dance mat, controller or the Wii Remote being moved to where the arrows are pointed.

B. Swimming- Swimming games either involve a checkpoint basis, where players have to reach the required goal within a certain amount of item, or collection which requires them to grab and collect items required in the game.Controls are pretty easy, much like when you play Mario Kart, players simply tilt the remote to the direction they want to go to.

C. Belly-Sledding - Although similar to Swimming in terms of controls (tilt the control left or right), Belly Sledding has other qualities to it that make it more enjoyable. Players have the option to speed up or slow down dependng on whether they do successful moves in the air, attain speed combos or trip into a rock.

Out of the Egg and Straight to School

baby mmble

The first chapter of this game is called Out of the Egg. This is the scene where Mumble’s dad (a penguin who sounds like Elvis Presley and voice acted by Hugh Jackman) needs to take care of his egg along with the other male penguins while the women hunt. Then subsequently, wait as Mumble hatches from his egg. This chapter is aptly portrayed by a dance game to the tune of Shake Your Booty. The Silver medal will be awarded to you should you attain an accuracy rate of 60 percent or higher. A rating of 80 or higher garners players Gold medals that is of course the main goal of this game.

The next chapter has Mumble meeting his mama, Gloria Jean (played by Nicole Kidman in the movie) as she and other female penguins come home after hunting for fish. In this chapter, Mumble has to swim and collect a certain number of items in order to call this chapter a success, in fact you’ll need a record number of 35 or higher in order to get the Gold

baby mumble dancing

Even penguins need to go to school and get there on time! Mumble must race his childhood friend and long time crush, Gloria (voice dubbed by Brittany Murphy) as they race to school. To be able to get the gold medal and be called the winner in this race, Mumble needs to have 2:56 to spare in his clock.

Finally, If you think that just because you arrived in school, you’re already safe then you’ve got another think coming. Mumble must still prove himself in Miss Viola’s class! Here though, since it’s still the beginning of the story game - shortcuts are unnecessary as of yet and to attain the Gold medal, one must have at least 40 pieces to end with.

Cooling Pipes and Graduating

Learn to Cool Your Pipes in this underwater checkpoint game! Complete the allotted course and do it in the least amount of time possible (2:55 or more) to attain the Gold medal. Remember that it is our goal to grab a gold for each level, hence the ommission of the silver requirements.

Mumble the Outsider shows the plight of Mumble, as he struggles to fit in with his classmates. Unfortunately, instead of singing That’s the Way I like it, he ends up dancing it instead and getting a gold medal when he had a 80% accuracy rate. Be careful of that Skua and make you you escape from its clutches when you swim away from it as fast as you can. This time, learn to use the various tricks that you can pull up your sleep. Do this with 20 seconds to spare on the clock and you can move on to Graduation!

It’s Graduation Day and everyone is just amped up and excited for this special day. Unfortunately, the Elders don’t want Mumble around when he graduates. Still, that doesn’t stop him from trying to get there in time! So why don’t you help Mumble swim to the Graduation site with more than 2 minutes and 20 seconds on the clock? If you do, you can get a shiny gold medal instead of a graduation cap and toga.

Meet up with Mumble’s classmates as they all gather by the cliff for their Graduation Swim. Lead them all as you take the plunge and show off your moves to Gloria! It’s a tumultuous swim and the only way you can make a name for yourself is if you gather 35 collection pieces in order to attain the Gold medal.


Journey to New Land


Prove to Gloria that you’re still a whole penguin even though you can’t swim by getting that fish for her! Swim underwater and make suer that finish this course with more than 40 seconds in your clock. Once you do though, Gloria’s pride will prevent her from acception that fish from you. It’s ok, at least you’re full!

Well, where could that Skua be going? Since you’ve got nothing else to do, and everyone’s graudated but you, why don’t you just Follow that Skua?! Collect about 60 collection items in order to get the gold.

Even though everyone seems to be loving the races and the belly-sledding, for me it will always be the dance that will prove to be Happy Feet’s cornerstone of fun. So dance to the music of Somebody to Love and look for your significant penguin by having an accuracy rating of 85% or higher.

seal fight

With nothing to do and certainly lots of time to spare, Mumble goes exploring. Unfortunately, during one his adventures he encounters a Leopard Seal who wants nothing more than to make him lunch! Escape the Leopard Seal and be careful of its bite, because if it bites you more than two times, you’ll have to say goodbye to that precious gold trophy.

New Friends, New Headaches

Sled to Adelie Land and make new friends in the form of different kinds penguins and help them collect 40 lovestones in order to impress the mamas! Does that tiny little penguin’s voice sound familiar to you? Well it should, as the voice actor is none other than the famous Robin Williams!

dancing with the guys

Once you’re done getting acquianted, celebrate your newfound friendship by attending an Amigo Party! In this land, dancing is actually admired so have Mumble show off his dancing skills as he moves to the tune of Jump n Move and garners a 90% accuracy rating to get the gold and the chicas!Penguins in this part of the glaciers collect as much lovestones as they in order to attract a mate. However, you need those lovestones for a different reason! Mumble needs to ask the Great Lovelace about the disappearing fishes, so you should swim as fast as you can and collect about 45t or more lovestones in order to impress Lovelace.

Races, Dances and Falling in Love

What’s a little friendly competition between friends huh? Test your mettle with Ramon and his posse as you guys run through in the North Pole. Make sure that your timer doesn’t go below 3:11 in order to attain the gold medal. To do so, make sure that you perform as many tricks as you can and to take advantage of those speed boosts that come along your way!

What’s all this talks about aliens anyway? Oh, it’s just us humans (but they don’t know that yet so don’t spoil their fun). Have Mumble brave through his encounter with the aliens in this checkpoint swimming by making sure his time is at 50 seconds minimum. Truly, this will be your hardest mission ever. So make sure you have your speed max at the 3x and you’ve performed all the tricks that you can, otherwise forget about getting the gold trophy here at all.

Now that you’ve deal with the aliens, its time to deal with Collapsing Caverns. Oh sure in the movie it’s fun and exciting but let me assure that in the Wii version of this game, it will not be a walk in the park! Take an underwater swim and make sure your timer doesn’t fall below 50 seconds otherwise, it won’t just be the caverns that collapse into the ocean this time, but you and Mumble as well.


Gloria, the Belle of the Emperor Penguins

Remember those lovestones you acquired earlier? It’s not enough for Lovelace! So swim around some more and collect about 70 lovestones for this finicky penguin. Afterwards, bring Ramon and his posse with you back home, just in time to hear the mating call of the penguins. Gloria will be there and even through Mumble can’t sing, he sure can dance to Boogie Wonderland! Get a 90% accuracy rating and prove to Gloria that you’re the penguin for her!

Unfortunately, even though your dancing greatly pleased all the youngsters and have similarly won the heart of the precious Gloria, the elder were in no means impressed. In fact, they were so angry that they’ve exiled Mumble! Oh well, its their loss anyway! But what does that mean for him and Gloria? It’s time to Race yourself to Exile and coming in under 3 minutes and 6 seconds in order to get the gold and prove that you can stand alone!

As an exile you have to be careful with predators out there and what could be more dangerous than vengeful Leopard Seal? So bellysled your way to safety as you swim away from the leopard seal! Make sure that he doesn’t catch you and give you more than one chomp or else it’s bye bye gold! Of course, being exiled has its downside and one of those is Getting Away From It All. However, no matter how much it hurts, Mumble has to keep going and keep swimming or else his path will be lost. Gold medal can be attained here by coming in within 45 seconds of time to spare. Once you’re through, keep swimming and Racing Away . You’ll need to race away and escape the harsh rule of the Elder Emperor Penguins and carve your own path. As such, one of those paths require that you finish this leg with 1L10 or higher.

Finding Love and Losing It on the Same Day


Uh-oh! Gloria seems to have it in her to follow you wherever you go. But Mumble knows that the road he’ll take will be treacherous and full of hardship, so you have to drive her away. Dejected, Gloria leaves you but not before singing and dancing to I Will Survive and rocking it with 95% accuracy rate.

belly sled

Now that Gloria’s gone, Mumble really is even more determined to find out what causes the fish’s disappearance. That’s why he’s headed for the Land of the Elephant Seals. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to make unless he collects 60 collection pieces in time. Do you think you can help him do that? Because after you do, there’s no rest for the weary, as you have to move on to the next mission, Sledding Thru Blizzard County. It’s going to be a rough tumble but if you make it with 80 collection pieces then you’re guaranteed another gold.

A New World


Uh-oh! what’s that? Could it be? Yes it is! It’s an Orca Attack! Better be careful and guide Mumble to safety otherwise all he’ll be is fish food! Belly sled your way underwater and keep away from those giant teeth! You’re only allowed one bite from the Orca. Anything beyond that loses your chances of a gold medal.

What seems to have happened to our Mumble? Well it’s time for him to race off into the unknown, chasing after a giant metal device (to us humans that’s called a ship). But he needs to swim fast and he needs to make it with 40 seconds to spare otherwise all his dreams and sacrifices will be for naught. Go Mumble go!

mumble dance

Mumble has finally made it to the human world, and he’s in a land filled with plenty of fishes! But this isn’t what he wanted, he wanted to find a solution not an escape for himself. Mumble now needs to attract the attention of these humans and make them understand that he needs to go home, away from the Zoo and back to penguin land! How to do this? Dance the night away with the song, I Couldn’t Ask for Another and get an accuracy rate of 95%

Home Sweet Home

Happy Feet Dance

At last Mumble gets to go home and show everyone that he’s discovered the cause of the disappearing fishes! But first he must race back to Penguin Land and do it as fast as he can. No excuses will be tolerated and he has to be home before the clock winds down to less than 15 seconds or else its bye bye!

underwater swim

Now that Mumble is reunited with his parents and Gloria, as well as the Amigo Gang - its time to unite and show the humans why the penguins are so impressive! Convince everyone to dance with Mumble to the tune of I Wish (at a perfect accuracy rate) and mesmerize the humans into making sure that the penguins never go hungry again! Once you’ve done this, pat yourself in the back for a job well done, you have finished Happy Feet and rescued the penguins! Now if ever you want to go back to playing these games again, and pit your skill against other players then access the Family Mode to engage in a friendly PvP battle!