Spongebob Truth or Square - Is It As Good As It Looks Or Should The Patty Burgler Take This One Away?

Spongebob Truth or Square - Is It As Good As It Looks Or Should The Patty Burgler Take This One Away?
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Great Xbox 360 Games For Kids

Looking for some great Xbox 360 games for the kids? Let’s take a look at Spongebob Truth of Square and see if it’s one that you’ll want for your kids, or even for yourself!

Introduction to Spongebob Truth or Square for Xbox 360

I love Spongebob, and I have a hunch you do too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here now would you?

Spongebob is my guilty pleasure. I’m probably a decade too old for Spongebob, but the fun, twisted humor that Spongebob cartoons deliver are sometimes a little dark, and I like that. Spongebob reminds me of Ren & Stimpy, just toned down a tad.

Spongebob Squarepants

When I heard that a new cartoon would be airing on Nickelodeon, I was ecstatic. When I found out the new movie would also be releasing as a movie based video game, Spongebob Truth or Square, I knew immediately that I would have to have this video game the moment it hit shelves.

I played Spongebob games before, and truthfully they were not that great. I was willing to overlook Spongebob’s past video game history though, and I am glad I did, because Spongebob Truth or Square for the Xbox 360 is a slap happy good time. And, it’s not just one of those Xbox 360 games for kids either - adults will love Spongebob here too.

Spongebob Truth or Square for Xbox 360: The Plot (3 out of 5)

Now the plot for Spongebob Truth or Square was not necessarily what I initially thought it would be, especially considering all of the commercials and sneak peeks I have seen when it comes to the actual movie.

The plot however is not horrible, its just not that fantastic.


Spongebob forgot where he placed the Krabby Patty secret formula, and he needs it in order to celebrate the Krusty Krabb’s Eleventy Seventh anniversary.

In order to remember where he left the Krabby Patty secret formula, he must ‘get happy’ in order for the memory to resurface. In order to get happy Spongebob relives old fond and happy memories with the help of his friends.

These memories become chapters in your game play. Battling your way through Bikini Bottom, and playing in actual scenes from some of the cartoons that (if you are a fan) probably will remember yourself.

Should You Play Spongebob Games?

As a parent, or adult that just loves Spongebob, should you play Spongebob games to see if they are right for your kids? Of course you should - and it gives you a great way to spend some fun time with your kids.

Game Play In Spongebob Truth or Square

Initially you start off in Spongebob’s pineapple house, under the sea. There is a small party going on in his home, and a few random never before seen fish are within the crowd. They do not do anything but add to the ‘party atmosphere’. In the home, you find your main characters, Sandy, Patrick, Gary, and Squidward, and even old Mr. Krabb’s joins in later on.

You can take a look around in order to get a feel for the place. It’s basically your hub, and the main menu of Spongebob Truth or Square. At the house you can go on quests in order to make Spongebob happy, to help him remember where he put the secret formula, or you can upgrade your home by paying for upgrades using coins you have collected in the missions. For instance, you can turn his shabby looking sofa, into a nicely upgraded brand spanking new piece of furniture.

In the middle of the room you will notice a photo album which is filled with snapshots of Spongebob’s happy memories. Here you can play old levels you already beat. When you repeat the levels the second time around though, new tiki challenges open up where Spongebob is able to collect more pieces of furniture and objects for his home.

In a nut shell, the more missions you complete, the closer Spongebob becomes to recalling where he put the secret formula.

Immediately you notice that your last and final battle will take involve you and Plankton. Plankton has yet again tricked Spongebob into believing that he is helping him find the secret formula. We all know Plankton would never help Spongebob unless there was a motive, naturally Plankton motive is to steal the secret formula as soon as Spongebob remembers where it is.


Battling your way through each level however is a heck of a lot of fun, with Spongebob adding new features to his fighting styles each


step of the way. In levels you will also come across special floating devices that Spongebob can collect in order to temporarily transform into Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, or muscle buff Spongebob. These transformations usually super charge Spongebob allowing him to smash and crash spin through his enemies.

At the end of each level there are bosses which resemble bad robotic versions of Bikini Bottom characters. Once the boss is defeated, Spongebob adds a new object to his home.

Controlling Spongebob (4 out of 5)

The controls in Spongebob Truth or Square all work relatively flawless, but throughout the game I ran into some minor issues as far as camera angles go.

Screenshot of Battle with Patrick Outside of the Spitoon

The entire game is done in 3D, so you normally would have a 360 degree view of your playing area. However sometimes when using the control stick to pan around a full 360 degrees, the camera angle would get stuck and keep glitching causing spastic eye reactions. The buggy camera angles never became a giant issue, but it is a flaw that needs to be noted.

Other controls in the game are simplistic. As you venture throughout the game Spongebob learns new moves that allow him to transform into a spinning boat wheel, a spatula, or a cannon that shoots water balloons at enemies.

Holding the X button on the Xbox 360 controller turns Spongebob into a spatula. As the spatula you can smack enemies until they burst, leaving behind a bunch of Spongebob coins.

Holding the Y button allows Spongebob to shoot out water balloons. If you press and hold down the Y button, you can get a better aim on the enemy ensuring a perfect shot.

Holding the B button will turn Spongebob into a spinning boat wheel which allows him to quickly smack at multiple enemies at once. I find this to be his most useful attack.

The A button is the jump button, and you use the joystick to move Spongebob around the environment.

Nickelodeon Games Graphics (5 out of 5)

I simply adored the graphics in Spongebob Truth or Square for the Xbox 360. Spongebob is a cartoon, and the graphics in the game were more PC animated, and far more advanced in appearance compared to what you get out of Spongebob cartoons on TV.

The environments were all colorful, and not lacking in any detail. Object appeared to be realistic, as well as the characters. Everything in the game is relatively set up to resemble as closely as possible to what we have seen in Spongebob cartoons. Spongebob’s pineapple house in particular really impressed me with the near replicated version of his home, in the game.

Music and Sound in Spongebob Truth or Square (5 out of 5)

The music that you hear playing lightly in the background of Spongebob Truth or Square for the Xbox 360 match perfectly to the light background music they play in Spongebob Squarepants cartoons. Its got that jolly pirate jingle that I actually like. For me the music is relaxing, and matches perfectly to the undersea theme.

More dangerous battles, or boss battles will play harsher more nerve wracking tunes, in order to place a sense of heat pounding doom in you.

The voices of the characters all sound like the real deal, but I noticed an odd pitch in each characters voice that made me question the voice actors authenticity to the cartoon characters voices.

All in all though, there are no problems with the sounds, or music. They worked flawlessly in the game without any glitches or annoyances.

Replay Value (5 out of 5)

The replay value in Spongebob Truth or Square is huge. In order to furnish your home with new objects you must go back to previously beaten levels to play mini challenges that were not open to you the first time you went through the level. The challenges open up only after you beat the level.

When you beat the newly opened mini challenges, new objects are added to Spongebob’s home.

The thing that is enjoyable about repeating an old level you beat is that you can skip ahead to the final scene if you want by entering cardboard boxes that you will find in each chapter of the level you are in. This is so you do not necessarily have to beat the entire level again. You can just skip ahead without having to perform the tedious tasks you had to the first time.

Replay value is also added due to the fact that you will want to replay easier levels to quickly gain coins. Spongebob needs coins in order to upgrade his home, or to purchase a notch of life.

Other hidden objects are scattered throughout each level, which also add to the games replay value.

Spongebob Truth or Square; Difficulty May Become An Issue For Younger Gamers

A game that involves Spongebob should be a game that very young children should be able to enjoy. Spongebob Truth or Square though actually gets extremely difficult the further you venture on. The very beginning stages were all a piece of cake, and perfect for younger gamers.


As you advance though, Spongebob Truth or Square gets so difficult that many children would just get frustrated with the game, and give up on it. Granted these very difficult levels do not come about till much later into the game, they are there, and even for myself the difficulty got to be too much.

There are boss battles that occur near the end of the game that will seriously have you wanting to throw your remote through your tube. The battle with Squidward’s krabby patty eating robot in particular was nearly impossible, and it took me 15 live just to knock him dead.

The major loss of lives can take a huge hit on you, especially near the end when every life continue is dire. Having to go back and replay easier levels to add to your life count is just annoying, especially if you already beat all of the mini challenges in that level.

All in all I found the game to be too difficult for younger children, and primarily it’s going to be younger children who are going to want this game. Geared at kids, yet difficult even for some adult/teen gamers; the balance is odd.

Overall (4 out of 5)

Truthfully Spongebob Truth or Square is an excellent game. It offers extremely fun, and bizarre game play, with stunning graphics and a feel good atmosphere.

Although the video game may be a little too difficult in the near end of the game, it will offer hours and hours of entertainment to fans of Spongebob Squarepants.

The replay value is huge, and multi-player mode allows players to team up with others in a fun filled adventure in Bikini Bottom, where you get to play real moments that you will recall in old episodes of the cartoon series.

Spongebob Truth or Square sells for $49.99, and in my opinion the video game is fairly priced for what it offers. Most top games go for $59.99 on the Xbox 360 when they are newly released. Initially with the lower price attached to Spongebob Truth or Square, I was not expecting much from this game; it however pleasantly surprised me.