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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Quick Bobber Fishing Guide

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: Aaron R. ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Bobber Fishing is one of the two fishing mini-games featured in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii. You can only play this game when the swordman’s wife has given you a fishing rod at the beginning of the game.

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    Basic Controls

    Find a body of water and prepare your bobber rod by pressing the B button. Continue pressing the B button until you can move the fishing line by tilting the Wiimote back and forth; continue doing this motion until the bobber gets aligned in a vertical fashion and starts sinking. Once a fish bites into your bait (you would know this if the bobber gets half of its length submerged into the water), you need to quickly snap the Wiimote back into its vertical position. To land the fish, hold the Wiimote in the vertical position until you are sure that you’ve caught the fish.

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    Types of Bait

    Just like in the real-life fishing experience, the type of bait that you use increases your chances of luring fishes into your bait. For this fishing mini-game, you are given two types of bait to use: bee larvae and worms. You’ll get the bee larvae by knocking down beehives that you encounter in Hyrule, and then scooping them up in a bottle. You’ll get ten larvae for every scoop you make. Getting worms for bait is a bit more difficult than getting the larvae. You need to kill some freaky land birds you encounter in the Hyrule field. These are the ones which run away and leave bomb eggs behind. After you kill these birds, they will drop worms when they explode. You also need to scoop up these worms and put them in a bottle. You can also find worms in the Faron Woods. To equip your fishing rod with bait, tap the B button and select the type of bait you want to fill in for the D-Pad slot. Later, when you are fishing, you select a bait type by pressing the direction on the D-Pad you associated with it.

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    Types of Hooks

    The Bone Hook is the standard hook that comes default with the fishing rod and Coral Earring is a special hook given by the young Zora prince, if you have completed the post-dungeon quest in the 5 dungeon. This hook allows you to catch Reekfish and increases the bite rate of all the other fishes.

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    Fish Locations

    • Gillfish: Small pond at the lure fishing area.
    • Reekfish: Zora’s domain; requires the coral hook given by the Zora prince.
    • Ordon Catfish: Lure fishing area, particularly at the center of the lake and in the streams of Ordon Village.
    • Hylian Pike: Lure fishing area at the northern tip of the western bank across the rivers in Hyrule and center of Lake Hylia.
    • Hylian Bass: East end of the South Bank in the lure fishing area.
    • Baby Hylian Loach: Lake Hylia Skill Stone and in the underground pond at the grotto to the South of Lake.
    • Skullfish: In the water temple.