Sandlot Games Cake Mania Main Street - One Awesome Sim Game That You Can't Frost Off

Sandlot Games Cake Mania Main Street - One Awesome Sim Game That You Can't Frost Off
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Storyline (5 out of 5)

You play as Ms. Jill Evans, coming back with the love of her life to her home town of Bakersfield. Not all is well back at home however. It seems that Main Street’s wonderfully array of shops have fallen victim to Baker’s Corner, a massive mall that has every shop in town beat out. With the help of some of your long time friends, you decide to work and put Bakersfield’s Main Street back on the map and back in working order. With everyone in town behind you, you begin your journey through your old bakery and move on to hamburger stands, hot dog stands, the park, and much more to get your old town back pumping away again. You have to help set up these new shops to attract new people into town to keep it alive. The fun thing is that you can play these new attractions as you buy and unlock them in the game. So, you aren’t stuck making cakes the whole time, and you get to try out different areas of the town to see which you are better at. Sandlot Games did a great job of mixing in some old favorites from other Cake Mania games into this new, updated story line to keep everything interesting and fresh for those that have, or haven’t, played any games in this saga.

While the storyline is similiar to the other Cake Mania games out there, it is also completely different in the fact that there is so much more depth to the story in this version. I give the storyline in this one a full 5 out of 5.

Cake Mania Main Street Game Play (5 out of 5)

You start out in the bakery, baking different cakes and keeping customers happy. From there, you gain enough money and points to unlock the Burger Barn. Once you gain enough money, you’ll unlock the flower store, garden, bridge, and much more. The more you can open, the more people will come to your town to visit and spend their money. And when you aren’t playing the other shops, they still earn you between $5-$10 a day.

All of the different shops basically have the same gameplay, your customer arrives, you take their order. Then, you have to put their order together in that specific way (i.e. bun, hamburger, ketchup, bun) so that they are happy and pay for it. The faster you do this, the more money you make. And, the happier your customer is, which means that they will tip you more. There are so many great ways to go about playing the game, that you won’t get bored at all with the gameplay in Cake Mania Main Street. If you are getting frustrated with a specific shop, head to town and choose another one. It’s so easy to switch back and forth to get a great game going quickly. Plus, keeping your ever changing customers happy is enough to keep you on your toes - especially since each shop has a different customer that will change the other customer’s minds, so you have to be careful to watch their orders and get them out of your shop as quickly as you can.

You will quickly find that the game play in this edition of Sandlot Games favorite Cake Mania is different than the others as it’s got so many great ways of keeping the game fresh all the way through. And, they replay value here is awesome, as there is so much to do, that it will take you a while to get through the game completely.

Because the game play in this one varies so much, and there is so much that you can do and work toward, I give it a full 5 out of 5 as well - even if it deserves more!

Graphics (5 out of 5)

As you can see from the screenshots below, the graphics are exactly what you have come to expect from both Sandlot Games and the Cake Mania series. The people are all wonderfully drawn, and still stick to the Cake Mania theme of all the original games. The customers are great, funny, and awesome to look at and watch as they cross their arms, tap their feet, dance, giggle, and just do some weird things for you. Everything works together smoothly - I saw absolutely no glitches when I played Cake Mania Main Street. And for any fan of the Cake Mania’s or Sandlot Games in general, the graphics for this newest game are just superb, which is no less than what you would expect from this company.

The colors and the detail in this game are also just as great as the characters and maps. You’ll easily be able to see the details in the smallest areas of the game, and you can tell that the designers did a wonderful job with the colors the instant that you see the game. Everything is bright and bold, no gray spots here - and every gamer will absolutely love playing this one for hours on end. The graphics get another perfect score from me, a 5 out of 5.

Images From Cake Mania Main Street

Sounds and Audio (4 out of 5)

Now I will warn you, the music will get repetitive after a bit. But the sound effects of the cake decorator, the burgers on the grill, the flower wrapper, and even the customers are really funny. The basic machine sounds are pretty realistic, but the customer sounds are the ones that are fun to listen to. Of course, you can turn off either one that you want in the options menu. Or just turn your speakers off if you don’t want to listen to anything. The sounds only add to the game, they don’t take away from it at all. This is actually the only area of Cake Mania Main Street that I just give 4 out of 5 stars to, and this is only because the music is a bit repetitive for my tastes.

Overall Opinion of Cake Mania Main Street (5 out of 5)

When it comes to Cake Mania, I personally enjoyed them all and own every version. This one though, is the best ever. I have to hand it to Sandlot Games on this version, as they went above and beyond any other Cake Mania game out there right now. This one is way more fun, way more enjoyable, and you can play this one forever before you start to get even the least bit bored. With all of the different choices in game play on this one, it’s really hard to turn it down. For anyone looking for a great game to check out and buy, I would recommend this one hands down … or should I say Cake down?

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