City of Wonder

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    • City of Wonder Buildings Guide
      Use this guide to help plan your City of Wonder. Learn about residences, goods, wonders, markets, culture, and military structures in the game.
    • City of Wonder Hints and Tips: Winning More Culture, Trade, and Military Expeditions
      City of Wonder is a Facebook city building game. Take your civilization through the stone age to modern times. Use culture, trade, and military to win expeditions against other Facebook users cities.
    • City of Wonder Game Guide - One of the best games on Facebook
      Use this game guide to build up your own City of Wonder. Use culture, trade, and military buildings to help you with expeditions. Use legend cards to boost your city for short periods of time. Build your population ;levels and advance from the stone age to industrial times.
    • Playdom Launches City of Wonder Website
      Playdom introduces a website for its social games. Play City of Wonder through the Playdom website and take part in new guilds. Other Playdom games will appear on the game portal soon.
    • City of Wonder Guides: How To Make New Colonies
      City of Wonder is a Facebook city building game. Construct homes, build culture, and get a powerful military. Recently City of Wonder has introduced colonies which allow you to own another water based city with new technology, units and even currency.
    • Facebook Games: City Of Wonder Review
      Build your own civilization with City of Wonder. Create homes, sell goods and meet the culture demands of your city. Build from the primitive age all the way to modern times. Research technologies so your city improves to unlock new buildings and ages. Use your advisors and go on expeditions.

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