Learn How to Play Diner Dash 5 Boom - Walkthrough and Guide to Game Play, Scoring High points and Dealing with Townies

Learn How to Play Diner Dash 5 Boom - Walkthrough and Guide to Game Play, Scoring High points and Dealing with Townies
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About the Game

The fun never stops for Flo the spunky waitress. This time, Flo’s diner gets demolished by a mean rival who wants to drive her out of business. Fortunately, Flo’s faithful construction worker friends want to help. Flo must rebuild her diner by earning money and serving food in odd places in the city.

Game Play

Game play is simple. In every section of the game, Flo has a small number of tables, a kitchen with a drink station along with a dish disposal cart. As customers arrive, click and drag them to a table. When they are ready to order, click on their table to move Flo over to their table. Next, take the customer’s order ticket to the order wheel in the kitchen for preparation. As soon as the food is ready, click on the plate(s) and bring them to the customer.

When the customer has finished eating, they will signal you to let you know they would like to pay and leave. Click on the customer’s table to collect the money from the customer. Clear the table by clicking on the plates and taking them to the dish disposal cart.

After your game round completes, a summary of your score is displayed. If you did not complete the required amount of money needed, you will need to repeat the game round again. Otherwise, you will qualify to move on to the next higher level round.

In between every round of the game is an upgrade section. With the points Flo earns, they can be used to buy items for increasing the speed of food/drink preparation, improving Flo’s performance as well as other items to help with keeping customers happy.

How to Score Higher Points

Diner Dash 5 Boom screenshot

The tables will change color as customers are seated. As you play and follow this Diner Dash 5 Boom walkthrough earn higher points by matching them with the same color. After each successful round of color matching, the points earned increase by a multiplier of 100 that is based on the number of successful color matched rounds (1X, then 2X, 3X etc).

Customers that are happy give bigger tips. Note the number of hearts displayed next to them. These represent their overall happiness and patience. When they are seated at tables, serving them quickly and giving out drinks will increase the number of hearts. If you have a podium, chatting with waiting customers can also increase heart count. The “Karma” upgrade is another option. This will give you a helper who will stand at the podium for you for the entire current round. Note: Be aware that if a customer’s heart count goes to zero, they will leave and you will lose a large amount of points.

Serving multiple customers in a row (chaining) earns higher points. Chain with the following actions:

  • Taking orders,
  • Delivering food or snacks
  • Picking up money
  • Clearing tables

Note: Avoid delivering drinks until after you complete a chain of actions. Otherwise, you will lose the bonus points for chaining.

Dealing with Townies

Townies are extra characters that can be added to existing groups of waiting customers. Match them with the same customer type. Using them gives you the opportunity to increase your color matching table bonuses. These characters are optional and you will not lose any points if you do not include them.

Dealing with Rain, Windstorms and Electrical Problems

Diner Dash 5 Boom screenshot

Occasionally, Flo will have some inconvenient situations. When dealing with rain, click on customer’s tables to open up an umbrella. Windstorms can blow away tablecloths so you will have to secure them to the table. For electrical issues, your construction worker friend will need to be dragged to the location where there is a problem.

Salad Bar

Play Diner Dash 5 Boom

The salad bar feature is a new option in Diner Dash 5. When a customer wants salad, they will need to be dragged to the salad bar station. Salad ingredients will need to be also need to be replenished as items run out. Click on the salad bar station to have Flo refill the missing ingredients. You can also get the “Quinn” upgrade which gives you a helper to refill the salad bar for the current round.

Character Types

You will encounter many types of customers in the Diner Dash 5. Each type varies in the amount they tip and the level of patience they possess.

  • Book Worms – These nerdy customers are very patient and leave good tips. Since they like to read at the table, they dislike noise of any kind. Try to seat them away from noisy customers like Lawyers and Cell Phone addicts.
  • Business Woman – The business woman has places to go and people to see so she is very impatient. However, if you serve her quickly she will leave a generous tip.
  • Cell Phone Addicts - These guys love talking on their cell phones while sitting at the table. As a result they are very noisy and should be kept away from types that dislike noise (such as Bookworms and Business Women). The cell phone addict is also extremely impatient. However they leave good tips when served quickly.
  • Celebrities – This type of character is somewhat impatient. Sitting them near other customers will cause them to become “Star Struck” which results in the increase their heart count.
  • Clown – The Clown is a distraction to other characters. When they are around, the other customers will order and eat food at a slower pace. They also have a tendency to juggle at the table, which causes other customers to stop whatever they are doing. Generally the Clown is a patient customer and will leave a good tip when their heart count is high.
  • Fitness Fanatics – This is a patient character that is not affected by any type of noise. They can be seated next to your noisiest customers including the Cell Phone Addicts, Lawyers and Love Birds.
  • Hungryman – The Hungryman will order food twice. They are patient customers who leave good tips.
  • Lawyers - These are extremely impatient customers. If served quickly they leave generous tips. Avoid seating them next to other Lawyers or a loud argument will commence and upset the other customers.
  • Librarians - The Librarian is a patient customer that leaves decent tips. However, they will shush noisy customers, which will cause them to quiet down.
  • Love Birds – Love Bird characters will only sit at a table with two seats. They can annoy other customer’s with their blatant kissing. They are also good and patient customers.
  • Senior Citizen - These are the slowest customers who give the worst tips. Although they have a lot of patience, they take a very long time to order and eat.
  • Tourists – The Tourist is a patient customer that leaves an average tip. They will ask you to take their picture when they are seated at a table. If you do, it will result in a larger tip.
  • Young Lady- Is a nice and patient customer. They will generally give good tips.


  • Strategy and tip information based on Sheila Robinson’s game play.
  • Screenshots created by Sheila Robinson.