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Flo on the Go and More

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Fans of Diner Dash games have a new adventure to explore. Find out what this fourth installment of the smash hit series have to offer and where to play the game for free online.

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    Diner Dash Hometown Hero

    Diner Dash Hometown Hero screenshot Diner Dash Hometown Hero is the fourth installment in the extremely popular Diner Dash PC game series. In this new adventure Flo visits her kindhearted grandmother Florence. Being back in the town where she grew up stirs up old memories. She notices the diners in the area are not like they used to be. Her beloved city is starting to resemble a dump so she vows to restore it to its former glory through renovating the eateries one by one. The first venue is located at the Zoo. Similar to previous titles players have to assist Flo during various shifts. Seat customers, take orders, serve dishes, clear off cluttered tables, and collect tips to boost income. As a restaurant entrepreneur and expert waitress keeping the customers happy is a must.

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    Open for Business

    Diner Dash game screenshot During open hours cell phone obsessed teens, mothers with crying babies, starving men who order several rounds, and a finicky food critic stops in to dine. Help Flo manage the crowds while boosting business. Upgrades are available to improve the appearance of counters, floors, tables, decorations, and equipment. As the game progresses the level of difficulty increases causing Flo to require an assistant. An online multiplayer mode allows friends to compete at waiting on tables or work together serving customers. This game can be downloaded for free at Playfirst's website but users have to pay for the full version.

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    Taking Orders via Facebook

    diner dash free This Diner Dash game is available for free online in multiple versions as well. Players can help Flo rescue her city on Facebook or dozens of other flash gaming websites. In Diner Dash Hometown Hero on Facebook’s Playfirst edition the gameplay is the same. Users click and drag customers to their seats. When they’re ready take orders and drop it off at the ticket station. Collect tips at each table. The faster Flo responds the more likely bonus points are earned. After clearing tables drop dirty dishes off in the bin. Only two items can be carried at one time.

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    Waiting Tables & Customizing Fun

    Diner Dash Hometown Hero on Facebook This version is scaled down but players are still able to do a little bit of customizing as they advance. Select different patterned and colored blinds, counters, flooring, and shrubbery to decorate the eatery. A side panel lets players chat with friends as they quickly serve testy customers. Each level requires players to earn a set amount of tips to move on. As Flo’s restaurant improves a hungry impatient crowd will appear. Speed and strategy is crucial in the busy diner. When customers wait too long for their meal they get down right angry. Red faces, fists pumping, and steam shooting from heads are visible signs a reduced tip is ahead. Fans of the original series will thoroughly enjoy the fast paced gameplay of this fourth installment. Whether it’s played on social networking sites, through flash, or downloaded this game is loads of fun.

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