Diner Dash Flo on the Go Cheats

Diner Dash Flo on the Go Cheats
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Diner Dash’s Flo on the Go Cheats

Since the original Diner Dash game was published by PlayFirst the popularity of the main character and the casual themed game play has gone on to spawn a whole series. The basis behind the whole series lies with the female character Flo who leaves the rat race in order to start her own diner business.

In Flo on the Go, we have Flo and her friend Darla as they are about o embark on a well deserved vacation away from the toils and stress of running a diner. Once they get on the ship, they find out that all the wait staff as quit their jobs. Flo volunteers herself and Darla to help out on the ship and on each form of travel for the duration of their vacation. The girls will be working to be reimbursed for their trip and to keep the extra tips for cash on hand so that Flo can get some new clothes. Flo’s luggage gets lost at the start of the game.

Here we take a look at some diner dash flo on the go cheats, that can help you achieve those expert goals and get Flo a new wardrobe so she can keep up throughout the game. For more information on regular game play for this 3rd installment to the diner dash series, see Diner Dash 3: Flo on the Go.

Cheats for Game Play

Because this game is essentially a casual and time management based game there are not a lot of cheats for game play. There are a few to look forward to though, with more of the earning power focused on strategy than all out cheats. The tips listed here range from the simple to information on the new game components when looking for diner dash flo on the go cheats.

You can stop customers irritation while waiting in line for a few seconds by grabbing them as though you were going to seat them. Grab the customer but hold them in the air, don’t seat them so that when you let go of them they will back in line. By working this cheat, you can stop the customer from losing anymore hearts until you put them back in line and get ready to seat them.

There are two new customer types in this third installment to the Diner Dash series. The first new type is the mom’s with their babies. Once seated these moms will need two highchairs placed at the table instead of one and you need to make sure that you have room for the highchairs, as these two moms cannot be seated at any two seater table and use the highchairs. The second new customer type are the dad’s and sons. These guy don’t need any highchairs and can be seated at the two seater tables. With both new types, glasses will be spilled so you will have to use the mop whenever these customers come in.

To ensure that you earn the right amount of tips and are able to get Flo those new clothes, you need to make each customer type as happy as you can to earn that maximum tip. Get the hearts up before the customers leave and you will earn the following by customer type:

  • Young Lady - 110 points
  • Tourists - 140 points
  • Family - 145 points
  • Moms & Babies - 130 points
  • Dads & Sons - 130 points
  • Lovebirds - 120 points
  • Bookworm - 110 points
  • Seniors - 105 points
  • Cellphone Guys - 120 points
  • Jogger - 110 points
  • Business Woman - 120 points

Overall, if you keep those hearts up for each customer then the more you earn. Earn enough and get Flo a new wardrobe before the

1Flo’s Closet

end of the game. In this game the diner dash flo on the go cheats are more about earning the right amount of tips in each shift level. The expert scores in this game are for unlocking Flo’s closet and not for getting the upgrades. The upgrades are made available to you at the start of the next shift by choice and do not need to be bought.

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