Club Penguin Mission Cheats for Mission 1

Club Penguin Mission Cheats for Mission 1
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Club Penguin Mission Cheats

Club Penguin is one of the challenging games that many players love to play. Problem with games like Club Penguin is limited availability of cheats to dominate the game. Sometimes players may find sneaky ways to have a competitive edge and trick the game. However they are often become useless once new modifications are introduced to the game by its developers. The best way to realistically dominate the game is learning the best strategies to play the game in each mission. First let’s see what the Club Penguin cheats for mission 1 are to really play the game with an upper hand.

Club Penguin Cheats for Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffle

Here is the best strategy for playing the first mission of Club Penguin. It is named as “Case of the Missing Puffle." Follow these Club Penguin mission cheats for mission 1 and you could easily complete it.

The famous reporter Aunt Arctic has lost two of his Puffles. Aunt Arctic is a reporter for Penguin Times. You need to find her Puffles and rescue them.

First talk to Aunt Arctic and she will happy to hear that you are there to help her. Then go to the ice rank by clicking on the map of the screen. It’s on the middle of the map. There are some photos on the right side of the ice rank. Pick up these pictures and give them to Aunt Arctic. Then she will believe that you can find her Puffles.

Then go to the Sports Shop and ask for special items from G. Then he will ask a question from you and he needs the right answer.

Then go to the Pet Shop and there’s a paper near the fish bowl. Pick it up. There’s a secret code to solve. Click the “Code” on bottom right of the screen to see details about those secret words. Find the hidden answer and remember it. The number is different for each time. So you can’t use this as a Club Penguin mission cheat at all the times when you play the level again.

Go back to G and type the answer when he asked it. Then ask for spy gadgets. Take the life preserver shooter and go to the iceberg.

Use life preserver shooter and carefully handle it in the wind to save the penguins trapped on the iceberg. There are seven of them. Talk to the green penguin and he will tell something about Puffles.


Club Penguin Secret Code

Saving the Puffles

Use theGrappling Hook to Climb the Mountain

Collect Your Medal

Saving Puffles and Finishing the Second Mission

Go to Ski Mountain and talk to the penguin there. His telescope has fallen apart. Click ‘Inventory’ of the screen and click Tools of your Spy Phone. Using the spanner repair the penguin’s telescope and he will allow you to use it. There’s a green Puffle flying around the tallest mountain. Finally you have found the Puffles. Now let’s save them.

Now you need to visit G again to take his grappling hook. Once you got it, come back and go to the tallest mountain. You can use grappling hook to easily climb the mountain. On the top you will find the Puffles. Come back to Aunt Arctic and she is very happy. Get your medal and the letter of thanks for completing the mission.

That’s all. The very first mission of Club Penguin is successful completed. Congratulations for your achievement. Also it’s the end of Club Penguin cheats for mission 1. Now it’s time to start the next mission. Read Club Penguin mission cheats for “G’s Secret Mission” and continue your Club Penguin domination.

Club Penguin Cheats and Secrets: G’s Secret Mission

Club Penguin Mission Cheats for Mission 2

Second mission of the Club Penguin game is called G’s secret mission. In this mission you are helping to G to test his newly built sled. However, it’s not a great experience for you. You have to face some tough challenges and finally you will be rescued. To make things much easier, first read Club Penguin cheats and secrets for mission 2. Then follow the guide to successfully complete the second mission of Disney Club Penguin game.

Mission 2 Cheats: Having a Mission from G

Talk to G at the Sports Shop and ask for a mission. He will tell you that if you find the secret word for his riddle, he will give you a mission.

Next go to the mountain and click on the signs. Now there’s another decoding work. Decode the green sign using the code on the bottom right. However, the Club Penguin secret code for this is “MOGUI”.

Now G is happy and he is going to give you a mission. The mission is to test his latest sled. Add the sled into your inventory. Now go to the SKi Mountain and take a test drive. You must crash and will awake in the wilderness of the Club Penguin.


Enter the Secret Code

Get the Ski from the Bush

Catching a Fish

The End of the Mission

Mission 2 Cheats: Surviving from the Crash

There’s a piece of string to the left and take it. Then go to the right and there’s a ‘Survival Guide’. It might be handy in this place and add it into your inventory. Continue to the right and then go to the bush. Pick up the ski.

Go upward near the red colored item where you were awakened. Now you have to collect three O’berries. There’s a tree near the bush of O’berries to the right. Shake the tree several times. Then a pot will fall out and add it into your inventory. You have to carefully follow these Club Penguin cheats and secrets in each of these steps to make sure that you complete without any hassle.

Now put your mouse over the arrow on the middle of the screen. It’s between the tree and the O’berries. There are some Puffles there and a black Puffle will remain there. Give him an O’berry. After a crazy dance he will walk towards the right and follow him. Then follow him to the left and click the arrow on the top of the screen to go to the river.

There’s a piece of wood and add it into your inventory. Put the ski, rope, and an O’berry to create a fishing rod. Ok, now it’s time to fishing while reading this cheats and secrets for the Club Penguin game. Finally you’ll be able to successfully catch a fish. Pick it up. Also make sure to fill water into your pot.

Go to the right and enter the cave. Again go to the right and there’s a bunch of rocks. It’s a good place to start a fire. Put the wood and the book (Survival Guide) on the rocks and feed the Puffle an O’berry. His firing dances will trigger a fire. Boil your pot of water using the fire and also cook the fish.

When you are awakened after the sleep, you will be rescued. Talk to G and he will be very glad to see you. Collect you second Club Penguin medal for displaying excellent survival skills. Also get the letter.

The Next Mission of Club Penguin

This cheats guide has covered everything you need to know when you play the second mission of Club Penguin. If you follow these Club Penguin cheats and secrets for the second mission, it won’t take much time to finish it. Now read the Club Penguin mission cheats for the third mission and complete it easily.