Echoes of the Past – Royal House of Stone Walkthrough – King’s Room, Prince’s Study and the Studio

At this point in the Echoes of the Past Royal House of Stone walkthrough, you may have explored a few of the rooms in the castle including the Study, Princess Room, Prince’s Study, King’s Study and Armory room. If not, review the Echoes of the Past walkthrough Part 2.

The Studio – Symbols of a King

Symbols of a King Hidden Object Puzzle

The Studio will be visited a couple of times while playing the game. You will be required to find the 15 symbols of a King once you have solved another hidden object puzzle in this room. Symbols of the king include playing cards, chess pieces, statue, checker pieces and a royal lion symbol. To see the complete solution, click on the image to the left.

Once all symbols have been found, you will see another puzzle screen where you will need to match pairs of like king symbols. As you reveal the pairs, they will disappear. The final symbol that is left is the true “king” symbol which is added to your inventory.

The Prince’s Study – The Seeds and the Ring Hidden Object Puzzle

Prince's Study Hidden Object Puzzles - Rings

You will visit the Prince Study a couple times. It is assumed that you have visited this room before and completed the first hidden object puzzle in this area. If not, check out the Echoes of the Past – Royal House of Stone walkthrough – Part 2.

Look for a plant with seeds sitting on a desk. Click on it to drop seeds on the ground. These will need to be collected into a red bag which is located in the castle tower staircase area. Once the seed are collected into the bag it will be placed back into your inventory. Retrieving the seeds also reveals another hidden object puzzle in the back of the Prince’s study.

This time you will need to find 15 rings. These rings can be jewelry, text, shapes etc. One of the rings is a tree ring that will be revealed after cutting a branch in the window with a saw found in this area. For the complete solution to this puzzle look at the image on the left.

Completion of this hidden object puzzle reveals another match style puzzle. You will need to match pairs of rings in order to find the true ring of the Prince.

The King’s Room

The King’s Room is accessed by solving a paint puzzle. To do so you will need to collect the missing paint container that is located in another room. Once you have it, solve the puzzle by painting the picture with different colors. However, you will need to be careful not to have the same color in sections next to each other. If you make a mistake, a cleaning brush is available on the right side to remove any color paint not needed. This puzzle can also be skipped if you are having difficulty.

Once the King’s room door is open there are a couple things you can do. On a chest towards the back you can place the image of the King found in the Studio room. This will give you a picture that will fit into the locket item.

Also in this room is a device towards the back of the room that can unlock a door in the hallway next to the statue of the Nanny. A lever (which is found in another room) will need to be placed in this device to activate it.

Echoes of the Past Walkthrough

Activating the Nanny Statue

The Nanny statue is first encountered at the early stages of the game. Next to her on the ground, pieces of a portrait could be picked up and used to solve a mini-puzzle that is located on the wall nearby. If you have not solved this puzzle yet, review Echoes of the Past Walkthrough – part 2.

Activate the Nanny statue by placing the complete locket with picture into her hand. The Nanny will then be freed from the curse and provide you with a little bit of information. After this, the Nanny will leave and you can collect a handkerchief from the desk located next to her.

The Tower of the Castle

Hidden Object Room - Castle Tower

The Tower of the castle is unlocked once a lever is placed into a mechanism in the King’s room. The doorway to the Tower is on the left of where the statue of the Nanny was standing. Click on this doorway to reach the stairs to the Tower. Straight ahead is a lock that needs a key. On the right side of this area on the ground are some loose boards that can be removed with a crowbar (found in another area). To the left is an empty red sack (that can be used in the Prince study).On the wall to the right is a loose block that can be removed by clicking on it. This will reveal a key that will be placed into your inventory. To the left of this block is a mechanism that can be revealed by clicking on it. However, it will require a gear piece in order to unlock a mini-puzzle.

A hidden object area is found on the left side of this staircase. You will need to find 15 items. These include: Letter “A”, bust, horse, pawn, magnifying glass, handprint, knife, bird (3), sword, number “5”, quill & inkwell and gear. To see complete solution, click on image located to the left.

To find the number “5”, you will need to use the broom to clear cobwebs that are located next to the wall (marked on image in blue).

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