Echoes of the Past – Royal House of Stone Walkthrough – The Kitchen, Alchemist Lab and Freeing the Court Tailor

Echoes of the Past – Royal House of Stone Walkthrough – Accessing the Kitchen

To reach the kitchen area, you will need climbing hooks and the garden pruners. The climbing hooks are located in the alley behind the crypt. If you don’t have this yet, review part 4 of this Echoes of the Past walkthrough. Use the climbing hooks on the branch blocking the kitchen window. This will allow you to cut the branch off with the garden pruners. From here use the climbing hooks again to attach to the wall that leads to the kitchen.

Once you are inside the kitchen, click on the wood plaque that is located on the mantle above the fireplace. Pick up the empty beaker on the shelf to the right. You will also notice that there is a statue of the cook, a pot in the fireplace that is too hot to touch and a barrel blocking the door. At this time, you will not be able to free the cook or do anything about the pot. However, you can get out of the room by clicking on the barrel several times to move it out of the way. Moving it out of the way also causes the barrel to drip oil, which you will need to collect later for the rusty gate in the alley behind the crypt. Go through doorway. You are now back inside the hallway where you encountered the nanny and the doorway where you first entered the garden area.

Alchemist Lab in the Tower – Hidden Messages

Alchemist Tower - Hidden Object Messages

Go back up to the tower area. This is accessed by going through the doorway to the left of the kitchen. The alchemist lab is towards the back of the tower. Click on it to access the hidden object puzzle. You will need to find 15 messages in this room. For complete solution to this puzzle, click on image to the left. The final message is hidden. Pick up the fire starter on the ground and use it on the window area where you will see a small container with some kind of dust. This will cause the dust to blow up and you will see the message on the window. Once all messages are collected, you will need to match like messages into pairs to find the message that you need. This will be the violet scroll.

Back to the Princess Chamber

At this point in the Echoes of the Past – Royal House of Stone walkthrough you need to go back to the Princess chamber. Use the violet scroll on the emblem located on the strange device in this room. Now, place the empty beaker on the device. This will activate the machine and you will see multiple colored bubbles. Collect the blue and red bubbles in pairs. Do this by highlighting them with the mouse. Click on them when a blue and red bubble pair is highlighted. Any other combination will not work. Repeat this process until the beaker is full with violet purple liquid. Pick up the beaker to put it back into your inventory.

Freeing the Court Tailor

Go back to the Prince’s study. Place the violet purple liquid on the court tailor’s suit. This will free the tailor from statue form. After the tailor gives you a bit of information, he will disappear. Pick up the mitten that is located on the ground.

Echoes of the Past Royal House of Stone – Freeing the Cook

With the mitten in your inventory, you can go back and visit the kitchen. Use the mitten to lift the lid from the hot pot located in the fireplace. Place the flavoring herbs into the pot. This will free the cook from statue form. The cook then gives you a bit of information and then disappears. With the cook gone, you now have access to the wine cellar.

Wine Cellar – Hidden Object Puzzle

Wine Cellar - Hidden Object Puzzle

Once inside the wine cellar a hidden object puzzle becomes available. You will need to find objects including: Hammer, Domino, Horseshoe, Ring, Card, Red Leaf, Duck, Mask, Mug(3), Carrot, Pipe, Torch, Poison, Razor Blade, Mask, Melon and Spider (3). For a complete solution, click on the image on the left.

Aside from the listed objects, you will need to find a glass of wine and an oil can. For the glass of wine, pick up the glass located on the shelf to the back left side. Click on the wine barrel located straight ahead to fill the glass and then click on it to add it to your inventory. The oil can is located towards the center of the room. Note: All of these items are highlighted in blue in the solution image.

How to Deal with the Rusty Gate in the Alley

Now that you have obtained the oil can, go back to the kitchen. Collect the oil from the barrel by clicking on it. Take the oil can back to the alley to the crypt area. Click on the rusty part of the gate. This action opens up the gate and accesses another hidden object area in the graveyard.

The Graveyard Hidden Object Puzzle

Alley in the Crypt - Graveyard Hidden Object Puzzle

The first time you visit the graveyard, the hidden object puzzle has 25 items to find including: Bottle, Bird(3), Cabbage, Gargoyle(3), Coins, Scythe(3), Sickle, Key, Animal Skull, Scorpion, Ring, Lantern, Snack(3), Snail, Boot, “Smoke” and Door Handle. For the complete solution, click on the image to the left.

To get the smoke, pour water on the fire with the container located on the left side (see items highlighted in blue). The door handle is located on a large stone block (see image).

Opening the Crypt

Once you have the door handle, you can open up the crypt. The crypt is located in the back of the alley area. Place the handle on the crypt door. You will now be able to go inside. From here, click on the center tombstone to access a mini-puzzle. Put the letters of the king’s name in order (Henry) to unlock the passage staircase area below. This puzzle can be skipped. In this passageway is a locked door. Place the lighted torch on the area on the wall to the left. To open the locked door you will need to find all pieces of a crystal ball. Since you don’t have this item at the moment, leave this section to explore other areas of the castle.

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