Guide to Echoes of the Past - Royal House of Stone Walkthrough

Guide to Echoes of the Past - Royal House of Stone Walkthrough
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About the Game

While on a tour of the Royal House museum, you get sent back to an ancient castle in medieval times. It turns out to be the great castle of Orion, a place where an entire royal family was cursed and died mysteriously. Your goal is to help solve this mystery by finding clues and solving puzzles to unlock the castle’s hidden secrets.

Echoes of the Past – Royal House of Stone Walkthrough

Basic Game Play

Echoes of the Past - Royal House of Stone

In this game, you will spend a lot of time exploring various rooms of the castle. It is very detailed. There are many hidden object rooms. These sections can be identified by sparkly yellow icons. In these rooms you will need to locate all items from list displayed in text. Any items with red text are special things that will be needed to solve a puzzle in another section of the game. These are added to your inventory. All other items listed need to be collected, but will not be used for any other purpose.

To help you out in the game, there is a magical mirror that gives information or clues by clicking on its icon in the upper right corner of the screens. In hidden object rooms these hints are limited. Ten hints are given at the start of the game. Additional hints can be collected by finding and clicking on mirror icons you see among the scenery of the castle. Navigate to other sections of the castle by pointing your mouse to the bottom of the screen until an arrow icon appears.

Other sections of the game are focused on puzzle solving. Sections that require some kind of action are identified by a magnifying glass icon. These are discovered simply by scanning each section carefully with your mouse. Sometimes sparkly white icons may appear to give you a hint on where to look.

Solving Puzzles and Tasks

Each puzzle or task usually requires a tool or special item that you will find mostly in hidden object rooms. As these special items are collected, they are placed into your inventory which can be accessed by moving your mouse to the top of the screen. To use an item, simply click on it and place it in the desired location. If the item is incorrect, it will be placed back into your inventory with no penalty. Otherwise, it will trigger off an action, like unlocking a door or chest.

Beginning the Game – Spoilers for Hidden Object Rooms

In this part of the Echoes of the Past – House of Stone walkthrough item locations are given for the first couple hidden object rooms you will encounter in the game. Note: Click on images to see them displayed in a larger size.

The King’s Study

The King’s Study

The first time you visit this room you will need to find 15 items plus a couple of special objects. In this room along with all others most items listed may vary slightly. The following image displays the location of the following items:

Horseshoe, Goblet, Leaf, Ghost, Hourglass, Red Wine Bottle, Column, Dagger, Hook, Wheel, Cane (2), Helmet, Meerkat and Skull. These are marked in red. It also gives the location of the Torch and the candles needed to light it which is marked in blue.

Armory Room

Amory Hidden Object room

When you first walk into this room, collect the sword and shield that are lying around among the mess of weapons. They will be used to open up a door blocked by a statue of a knight in armor. Next, click on the yellow sparkly icons that lead to a small hidden object room within the armory. In this section, you may need to find a variation some of the following items:

Hammer, Basket, Hand Cuffs, Jewelry (3), 3 Dragons, Chest, Bell, Zodiac Signs (3), Statuette, Lantern, Cup and Iron (marked in red). The special items in this room are Heart with an Arrow, crossbow, and Tongs (marked in blue).

The Knight

Once you have the sword and shield from the armory, move back into the hallway area. Place the shield and sword directly on the knight in armor. This will give you access to a section that has three locked doors. Pick up the blue diamond key on the floor next to the door on the left. This key will be used to unlock a chest that is sitting on the lap of the statue of the king. Once used, it will give you a locket that is missing a picture.


Kings Locket Chest

Revisiting the King’s Study

Symbols of a King

After you unlock the chest, you can visit the King’s Study again for a hidden object and memory game puzzle. You will need to find 15 symbols that represent a king. Click the image on the left to see the solution.

After you complete this the memory puzzle unlocks. Click on different icons to reveal the king icon beneath it. Match all like items into pairs until one is left. This is the true king symbol and it will then be placed into your inventory.

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