Fuzzits Virtual Pet Game on Facebook Review – Not Your Typical Pet Society World

Fuzzits Virtual Pet Game on Facebook Review – Not Your Typical Pet Society World
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What is Fuzzits?

TNT’s Fuzzits is a virtual pet game on Facebook where players adopt and raise rambunctious little furry critters known as Goobers. Choose from several different varieties. Feed, train, breed, and care for them. Decorate their surroundings with items from the shop. Create a garden or beautiful backyard retreat. Customize each pet’s look in candy coated colors. Scour the grounds for special hidden ingredients to cook various recipes. Visit friends and give their cute pets the attention they crave. Build an entire town for your virtual pets to explore. Expand your home or yard to create a haven for these adorable creatures.

Fuzzits – the Gameplay (4 out of 5)

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Most of the gameplay involves feeding, grooming, training, and breeding. These hyper pets function on sweet treats. Similar to PetVille players feed them jelly beans, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and donuts to grow. Click and drag the hand icon back and forth to stroke your pet. Brushing is performed the same way. Petting and grooming earns coins which can be used to buy decorations or adopt more Goobers. Each pet has distinct personality trait that can be enhanced through training. Artistic types will paint in the training facility while athletic pets workout on a trampoline. When they reach adult hood breeding becomes an option.


A unique feature that makes Fuzzits stand out is the town area. Players have to build their pet’s town from the ground up by cooking an assortment of recipes. Make a bowl of hot cereal, French toast, yummy waffles, tea, apples with milk, or sugar cookies. The menu consists of mostly snack and breakfast entrees. Collect barrels with ingredients scattered throughout the land. When all the ingredients for a specific recipe have been found it will unlock a structure. Slowly build a bank, park, community center, museum, gallery, zoo, or beautiful botanical garden to visit. To complete the building players must have at least five neighbors. Spamming for building materials is also necessary. It’s a leaden process that requires a large amount of friends to participate. This game is quite different from the popular Pet Society world many players are accustomed to.

User Interface/Controls (2 out of 5)

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While the concept of Fuzzits is quite innovative some of the mechanics fall short. Feeding Goobers can be difficult at times. Players may have to repeat clicks or wait several seconds for action to be performed. Clicking and dragging the hand or brush icon over them also can be a hassle. Randomly these feisty creatures will take off running at lightening speed. When they are running clicking on the arrows to scroll through the environment is slowed. The lag during play is a bit frustrating. The interface is basic. Meters at the top of screen monitor pet happiness and hunger levels. Icons at the bottom allow players to pet, brush, feed, or breed their furry friend.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

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The graphics are average. Users can watch their pets bounce and frolic about. The entire game has a cartoon feel. There are four species to choose from each varying in appearance. Adopt Goobers, Grubbers, Gizzets, or Gamborts with floppy multi-colored bunny ears. Some have alien- like antennas while others feature a thick fluffy exterior. These virtual pets resemble guinea pigs or robust hamsters. Players also have the option of purchasing dyes in the shop that will turn pet’s coats into delectable sherbet, taffy, lemonade, or peppermint colored shades. Although the shop item selection is small there are a few great garden and patio themes. Buy mushroom patches, rocks, grassy mounds, bamboo fountains, flowers, plants, hammocks, and stylish patio furniture.

Sound (2 out of 5)

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Most virtual pet games feature cheerful melodies that play continuously in the background. Fuzzits is different. There’s no musical score. Players who like to listen to an upbeat tune while brushing their pal will be thoroughly disappointed. The game’s sound effects are somewhat strange. While Gizzets or Grubbers run through the yard users hear loud birds chirping which feels almost out of place at times. These calls of the wild resemble the animal noises heard in simulation games like Zoo World. It doesn’t really match the setting. The repetitive racket can get annoying after awhile. Some players may prefer to play with the sound off.

Overall Rating: (3 out of 5)


Fuzzits has the potential to be a solid virtual pet game. It presents users with the basics such as feeding, grooming, breeding, and training. Players can customize their Goobers or decorate their environments. The pets are cute resembling plump hamsters with big wide eyes. The frequent lags during gameplay and tedious town construction process make this furball centered world appear unfinished. Players need a lot of friends to really have fun. Some improvements in terms of graphics and shop selection are necessary before it can compete with other major Facebook games like Happy Pets or PetVille. If you’re looking for a different type of Pet Society world to explore than Fuzzits might be worth considering.


Source: author’s own experience.

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