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Facebook Games: Age of Champions Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Age of Champions is a Facebook RPG style game. Do missions for coins and experience. Make an army and battle other Facebook users. Buy supplies such as weapons for your army.

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    Age of Champions Game Basics

    Age of Champions Age of Champions is much like many of the text based RPGs on Facebook except it features an animated battle system. This system is very basic and you can’t control your army but it’s nice to see something beside text in a Facebook RPG. You can follow a series of quests across the game map and earn experience and coins as you play. As you finish quests you’ll use up energy, which recharges over time like other Facebook RPG games. You can’t complete quests without the required energy. Battle other Facebook users and build up your army as you complete the quests in the game. As you level up you can assign points to your character and acquire enhanced skills.

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    Game Map – Quests and Raids

    Age of Champions On the game map, you’ll follow a series of quests or missions. With some missions, you’ll do animated battles while others will just be standard text missions. As you finish missions, you’ll receive coin rewards, which you can use to buy more soldiers for your army as well as weapons and armor. Raids are higher-level missions and you might need Facebook friends to help you complete them. With raids you can win special badges that can help you craft high level items to use in the game. After missions, you may also loot special parts, which can be crafted into items via alchemy. The alchemy page will tell you what components you need for a specific crafted item. These crafted items provide bonuses for your character such as power or health for example. More recipes will unlock as you complete missions and level up in the game.

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    You have the choice to invade other players via battles in the game and match your army against theirs. On the battle screen, you can see a listing of potential opponents as well as ones that are at a very high level if you want a challenge or just want to tinker with your army and see how it will do. You can look through the list and find a good match that is close to your level. You’ll gain some coins if you win. Be sure to buy more items if you find yourself losing matches on a regular basis. At the end of the match you’ll see the army, weapons, armore and special items the other player used during the battle.

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    Age of Champions In Age of Champions, you can build your own army from scratch. You have many options such as human, Minotaurs, and elves. As you level up more soldiers become available for your army. You can also hire advisors, which provide bonuses to your army. With allies, you can hire powerful titan units, which deal massive damage. Play battles and do missions to acquire enough coins for your army. There are other ways to finance your army such as constructing buildings.

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    Buying Supplies and Constructing Buildings

    Age of Champions From the supply tab, you can buy new equipment such as weapons and armor. Buildings provide food and money for your new army. You can buy lots and get structures fro money, food, more unit space, and new technology. At the beginning, you’ll want money and food buildings first to build up your army. You can sell buildings you no longer want and buy new advanced ones once you can afford them.

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    This game features guilds you can join and battle other Facebook guilds. Once you are in a guild you’ll get new options such as guild battles, news and other features that are guild specific and not part of the regular game. You can still play single player buy guilds of course make the game more interesting. Request to join a guild by clicking on the tab or form your own.

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    Sound and Graphics

    The game has some basic sounds during battles as well as a soundtrack. The battle graphics are minimal with some blood but it’s better than straight text. You can scroll the map to find new missions and the map looks great. Overall Age of Champions does a good job with the graphics and the battle animations are a nice change from text based Facebook Rpgs.

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    You won’t have a problem navigating through Age of Champions since it has a straightforward button based menu system like similar games on Facebook. Be sure to scroll the map to reach new areas and new missions. Be sure you are at the right level for the missions and do more battles if you need to level up.

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    Age of Champions is a good game with the added bonus of some graphic based combat that isn't found in most Facebook Rpgs which are all test based. The map looks nice and it can be fun building up your army and battling other Facebook players or joining a guild for more intense combat.

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    Source: Article is author's own experiences playing Age of Champions on Facebook.

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