Browser Game Guides: Warbase On Facebook

Browser Game Guides: Warbase On Facebook
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Making Money in Warbase

Warbase is a strategy browser game involving base construction and combat. Players need to develop a base complete with military structures, defenses, and structures that generate income. On the build screen, select the revenue generating structures to begin making money for your base. You’ll want some basic houses to start, and then a water tower or two. As your base develops, you can add other structures to generate income for your base. Click the structure to start generating income and don’t forget to collect your money once the structure is finished. You’ll need plenty of cash to generate all the different units to complete missions or to battle against other Facebook users.

Defenses and Morale


Your base can be set up with various defensive structures such as walls, fences, sandbags, and guard towers. You’ll start with basic sandbags, work your way up to walls, and eventually guard towers or missile silos. Each defensive structure will add to the overall defense of your base and help you defeat other Facebook users who attack you. To increase your base morale add decorative structures such as crates, street lights, and trees as you work your way up to chapels and schools. View the top of the screen to see your defense, morale, and attack points of your base. Do some landscaping by adding roads or grass to your base.

Military Structures

Your base has several important military structures, which include the boot camp, vehicle factory, staging area, and air base. At the boot camp, you’ll construct infantry units, at the vehicle factory, you’ll make tanks and jeep and the airbase will construct your fighters and other planes. At the staging area, you’ll take on missions with your units for rewards. Be sure you have several of each factory in your base so you can keep making units provided you have enough gold to complete them. Each unit will take a specific amount of time to construct so plan what you will build next.

The Staging Area


The staging area is where you’ll send your completed units on missions. As you master each mission, you can move onto the next one. You must have the required units to complete the mission so you’ll need to keep making units as you work towards the mastery of that mission since you’ll use up the units each time you do a mission. You can do a mission over again for some extra coins and experience.

Military Units


The game has a number of different military units you can use. You can build raw recruits, standard infantry, Special Forces, paratroopers and a whole host of vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, jeeps, and many others. Look on the mission screen to see which units you’ll need for the next mission objective. Some of the advanced units will take along time to construct so be sure to have extra factories running while you wait for tha unit to finish. Click the factory to move the unit to the staging aea to make room for the next unit you want to build.

Skirmish Mode/Facebook Friends

If you plan to skirmish against other Facebook users, check the skirmish screen and see the top units they have to put against you. You can scroll through the list to find an opponent you are likely to defeat but they will be at your level, slightly below, or slightly above you so there won’t be any blow out by one team or another. Battles happen automatically and you can’t control you units. There’s not much to skirmish mode except finding a player near your level and starting the battle. If you have Facebook friends playing the game you can visit their base and do some drills for a coin reward so it’s worthwhile to have a lot of friends to make some quick cash. You can make coins once per day at each of your friends bases.


Warbase is your standard Facebook game but it’s still fun to play. Be sure you have plenty of factories for units and revenue generating structures for income. Build up your base defenses and take missions for experience and extra cash. Visit your Facebook friends daily for coins and enjoy Warbase on Facebook.


All images from Warbase.

Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Warbase on Facebook.