Build a Facebook City- Hero City Game Guide

Build a Facebook City- Hero City Game Guide
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Hero City Game Guide- First Steps

Besides having heroes this game is a full city builder. Your city needs housing and population to attract heroes so the first thing you need to do is build some homes. Click the build icon and under the housing tab, you can build your first homes. More options are available as you level up so for now build several cottages in your city. As you build homes, you can upgrade them too. Click on a home and select the upgrade button from the dial. Your initial upgrades will only cost coins but as you upgrade further you’ll need goods produced in manufacturing buildings. To make money you’ll need to place some businesses. Build a grocery stand or two to start and then upgrade them later to bigger buildings, which in turn produce more coins for the city. Once you have some homes and businesses it’s time to build the third structure type, which produces goods.

Making Items for Hero City

Hero City Main Screen

To complete various building upgrades you’ll need to produce different goods in your new city. You’ll need some manufacturing buildings to begin this process so click on the manufacturing tab and place a kettle shop, which will make your first goods. To produce some goods click on the kettle shop and select the item you want to make. Start with a basic water bottle and go from there. If you have enough resources, you can build more than one good in the structure. Resources are in the form of atoms and you make more atoms by sending superheroes on missions. Manufacturing structures like homes and businesses have upgrades available to them. The kettle shop will upgrade into a modern kitchen store, for example. As you level up in the game, you can place different manufacturing structures in your city and produce other goods. Put your mouse over the structure to get a preview of what you can build next once you level up to them. Structures include a hunting supply shop, knife shop, and sportswear shop.

Decorate Your City

You need to keep your citizens happy in the game. To increase happiness you can add decorations from the build menu. The happy face icon at the bottom left will tell you when you need to add new decorations. For every new business or home, you should add one or two new decorations to keep your happiness levels up in the game. A tree or shrub is great to begin with but as you level you’ll gain access to other building such as a tennis court or bus stop that will further increase your happiness levels in the city so plan ahead. You can also add various road types to your city too.

Your Superheros

The superhero plays a vital role in Hero City. As you play, you’ll gain a few heroes or you can buy them if you have enough coins from the recruit menu under the build icon. Buy heroes in the game with regular game coins or Facebook credits. Once you have a superhero assign him or her to a new home. Your hero may complain if the home doesn’t suit them so for higher-level heroes you’ll need better homes. At anytime you can re-assign your hero to a different home by clicking on the hero from the heroes tab under the build icon. Heroes collect atoms, which help you manufacture goods. To collect atoms click on the game map and send your hero to a part of the city. They will stay there for some game time and then return with some atoms, coins, and experience. You can also take quests available on the left hand side of your screen.

Game Inventory and Collections

The game features an inventory section called the closet. Access your closet from the main interface icons. The closet shows any good or other items you currently own. Goods disappear from your closet as you complete building upgrades. As you play you’ll collect various items and once you have a complete set visit the collections tab in the closet and get your reward which includes coins, experience, or a special game item for your city.

Hero City isn’t a complex game and this Hero City game guide should get you well on your way to building a great city. The game should soon have new features like battling your rivals in a duel, so keep checking back for more information on this fun Facebook game.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Hero City on Facebook.

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