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Facebook Games: Hero City Review

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Build a city in Hero City and assign different heroes their own home. Give your heroes missions as you build up your very own superhero city on Facebook.

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    Game Basics

    With Hero City you build a standard city complete with homes, businesses and decorative items but with the goal of attracting heroes to fight for your cause. Assign your recruited heroes a home and send them off to fight villains for rewards and experience. Produce goods such as bottled water or a lunch box in your city. Upgrade structures and watch them change with each new level. Acquire permits from Facebook friends to expand and grow your city. Collect items in exchange for special rewards such as coins, experience points, or a special item for your city.

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    City Building

    Hero City Screen One This game features various homes you can build to increase your population. Once you acquire some heroes, you can assign a home to a hero. Some of your heroes will ask for a better home and might not take the one you assign them. You have various businesses such as hot dog stand, coffee machine, grocery stand, fruit vendor and others to add to your growing city. Each of these structures feature upgrade options which change the structure into a new building and increase the coin output of that structure. For example, upgrading a coffee machine give you a new coffee stand and increase the coin output of that structure. Cities also have manufacturing building, which produce various goods. You’ll use these manufactured items in various upgrades around your city. Other city options include decorations such as trees, roads, signs, and other standard city building items.

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    Your Heroes

    Hero City Screen Two In the game, you can recruit various heroes to become a part of your city. You’ll gain some of these heroes by completing missions while others you can buy with coins or game cash from the recruiting tab under the build menu. Once you have a hero you can give that hero a home in your city. As you send your heroes on missions, they’ll gain experience. From the world screen, you can send heroes to various locations such as the Empire State Building, or Harlem. As you play, you’ll unlock other cities such as Paris or Sydney. Heroes bring back special resources called atoms that you use to manufacture goods as well as the standard coins and experience points.

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    City Customization

    Hero City Screen Three A city building game has plenty of customization options. Hero City falls short in customization options. You have homes, businesses, and manufacturing buildings but the main problem is not enough of them. There’s only a couple page of each option. You can upgrade these to change their look but the game could use more structures for their new city. With each game level, you do get a few decorative options and you can build different roads options in your city. Adding more building and decorations would help this game and make it a better city builder.

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    Hero City Screen Four The game features quests you can complete such as building a structure or sending your heroes on missions. You’ll gain coins and experience points for completing missions in the game. The quests can get a repetitive and you’ll tire of them quickly. Quests for special buildings, city items or special heroes would be an ideal improvement for the game.

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    The game has a nice soundtrack and decent graphics and although they use pale pastel style colors, the buildings are easy to distinguish. The game loads quickly on older machines and there’s no lag in the game. There was no slow down even when visiting the NPC character city in the game. Players can visit their Facebook friends and perform tasks for rewards and sent the standard gifts in the game.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Hero City is a nice change of pace for the standard city builder you’ll find on Facebook. The city could use some more building options but overall the selection is fine for a new game. The hero aspect of the game o gives a player something else to do besides city building but the game could use some more missions besides just sending heroes to different city locations. The game has a coming soon feature where you can battle your rivals so this bring some improvement and offer more advanced multiplayer options. Overall, the game is worth playing if you like city building and want some super hero action too.

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