Facebook Game Reviews: Car Town - Your own car garage on Facebook

Facebook Game Reviews: Car Town - Your own car garage on Facebook
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Game Basics (3 out of 5)

This game takes the concept made popular in games such as Café World and applies it to a garage. Instead of serving food you are a grease monkey working on various car problems for your customers. The concept is simple enough you have some car hoists in your garage that you click on and take jobs. As the owner you can also take a few jobs yourself away from your garage such as being a pizza delivery person or going on a road trip. Your garage jobs consist of things such as washing cars, installing fuzzy dice, oil changes, wheel changes, and so on. You will get more jobs for higher payouts as you level up in the game. Your garage will start out as a modest establishment but over time you can grow it into a thriving business with lots going on. You can decorate it too with different hoists, tool boxes, chairs, tables, even a pool table. Outside you will find a few cars hanging around and you can click on them to see what jobs they want done. You can edit your workers too and give them some basic options such as different clothes.

The Cars (5 out of 5)

Car Town

The game features many different cars you can own. As you level you even get to test drive some for a week. If you win races against your Facebook friends you get to keep the car for free but this isn’t easy since you need to win many races in one week to keep it. Cars include an 1957 Bel Air, 2010 Camaro, 2007 Silverado, 2008 Fusion, 1968 Beetle, and a whole host of other cars. The cars are actual images of real cars just squished together with oversize wheels. As you play you can see other cars drive past your garage area. You can click on any of your cars and sell them at when you wish if you are low on funds or just don’t want a car.

Your Garage (3 out of 5)

In addition to working on cars you can add different items to your garage. Some items are functional add will add coins to your account. For example you can add the air hockey table at level three which will give you thirteen coins in ten minutes if you click on it. Other items include a gas pump, pinball machine, and snack dispenser. You can add tables, chairs, flooring, walls, different decorations, and signs too. There is a decent selection of things here to add to your shop but there could be more. One thing needed is some more garage related items such as tool boxes, only one cabinet was available. A large sign outside your garage will flash with new information about the game such as added cars which is a nice touch.

General Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Car Town isn’t a ground breaking Facebook game but it’s a nice change from farming or running a restaurant. There are a great number of different cars you can own in this game and jobs to do. The garage itself could use some more items as decorations but overall this is a fun little game that will get you dreaming about that car you have always wanted to own.

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