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Facebook Games: Itty Bitty City Review - City Building Games

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Build a City on Facebook with itty Bitty City. Use trucks to help you with construction and collect money from your businesses. Decorate your city and add more housing to expand your population levels.

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    Itty Bitty City Game Basics

    Itty Bitty City Facebook is populated by some great city games such as Social City and City of Wonder. One of the best city building games is a lesser known title called Itty Bitty City. In this game you play the mayor as you grow your city. You use trucks to help you build which act like a form of energy. You will get additional trucks as you play the game slowly over time but you’ll have to wait if you run out . Your trucks will move around the city to collect money from businesses and houses with the larger buildings taking more trucks to construct.

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    Building Options

    Itty Bitty City While you won’t find as many structure options in this city builder, it does have quite a few good ones already. On the residential side you have your normal homes, ranchers, villas, duplexes, apartments, and mansions. You have business buildings such as the bank, coffee shop, retail store, pet store, fitness center, and resort hotel. Your city can also hold social buildings such as schools, fire stations, police stations, library, stadium, and hospital. As you play you will unlock new structures at different levels so you’ll always have something new to build. It would be nice to see more structures added since at present time the options are a bit low.

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    The game offers quite a few decorative options such as shrubs, trees statues, fountains, fences, walls, and so on. You can also add roads to your city, sidewalks and even street lamps. You’ll find options for parks and nice little touches such as newspaper stands, picnic tables, and flower stands. If you like building walls you can use flower lime, marble and walls will lanterns.

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    The game progresses you along with some nice goals or tasks you can complete. You don’t have to do them but they help you learn the game. You will receive tasks such as building your first school, mayors office, or a number of residential buildings. After you complete the tasks you will receive some coins and in some cases a building reward for your city such as a house. The goals are a nice touch and makes you feel like you are actually building something.

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    Many city builders require game time to complete and it’s not much fun waiting six hours for a building to complete. In Itty Bitty City you can use trucks for this purpose. Naturally larger buildings will take more trucks to complete. You will receive trucks every few minutes as you play the game and more will become available as you play. Your trucks will move to whatever location your new building is being placed and help you complete the structure. You may need to click the building several times before its completed and then click the grand opening ribbon.

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    General Game Play and Conclusion

    Itty Bitty City may nit have the flash of Social City or City of Wonder but it’s still fun to play. The game is a little spare on things to build but has a nice goal system that makes you feel like you’re really building a city. You’ll find some nice decorative touches in the game store and graphically the game looks nice for a Facebook game. If you like city builders in general give Itty Bitty City a try, there's no flash, but you’ll have some fun, which is a good ting.

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