Happy Aquarium Tips - How to Master the Best Fish Aquarium Game on Facebook

Happy Aquarium Tips - How to Master the Best Fish Aquarium Game on Facebook
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Crowdstar’s Happy Aquarium

In Crowdstar’s Happy Aquarium players care for, breed, train, and sell tropical fish. Similar to other popular virtual fish tank titles like FishVille or Fish World technique is important. This article will discuss in detail the best tips and tricks for truly excelling in the game. Learn the secret to having dozens of tanks filled with healthy profitable fish. Discover the top species to buy and the ideal time for successful breeding. Get hints on mastering the training mini-games. Find out how to level up faster and accumulate a massive amount of coins for your decorating needs in this Happy Aquarium tips guide.

Best Tropical Fish Species to Raise


There’s a wide variety of exotic tropical fish available for players to purchase. Each fish has a set length of time it will require before reaching adulthood. Some fish are cheap while others are quite expensive. The type of fish you choose to raise, breed, and sell it completely up to you. The most profitable species are usually in the 100 coins and up range. Pink Mandarin, Bird Wrasse, Cutshark, Beaked Leatherjacket, Powder Blue Tang, and Redstriped Anthias are great picks for higher payouts. For beginners or players who want focus on quick leveling inexpensive species like the Clownfish and Auriga Butterfly are good choices. Both types have the shortest growth period. A Clownfish only takes 6 hours to fully mature and the Auriga Butterfly requires 8 hours. The short lengths allow users to sell them at full price within the same day of purchase for XP and coins. To earn the highest amount of coins it’s essential to wait until they’ve reached adulthood. A great Happy Aquarium tip to follow is to never sell a fish before its ready. In order to actually make a profit it’s important to develop each fish by letting it mature and teaching it tricks through training. This will also add a nice training bonus to the price when selling.

Training Tips & Secrets in the Tank

Training mini-game

There are eight distinct tricks players can teach each fish. They are the zig, zag, loop, dive, figure 8, spiral, and the follow. These tricks are learned through the training process in the form of a mini-game. The main objective in the training tank is to avoid hazardous items while swimming to the finish line. Obstacles like the treacherous Venus flytrap, an open umbrella, anchored ball-chain, worm on a hook, and a dangerous dangling cat paw will randomly pop up. To avoid these hazards simply click on them. Although it sounds easy this game is all about timing. Some items must be clicked as soon as they are visible like the anchored ball-chain. Others such as the umbrella and cat paw should be clicked just as your fish approaches it. Clicking too soon will result in the object opening or falling back down to crush your poor little fish. Occasionally extra items like food and coins will fall from above. Players can click on them but they have to be careful. Bottles of poison that resemble food and small squids also float down. Clicking on them accidentally will end the round. Don’t be in a rush to gather coins or food during training. It’s more important to pass the race. Always try to train fish when they are young and small. The bigger the fish the more difficult it is to maneuver around the obstacles. Each fish needs to complete their training to be sold at the highest possible price.

Happy Aquarium Tips for Leveling Up Faster

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When it comes to leveling up it’s the little things that count. Caring for your fish, visiting neighbors, and earning achievements yield major XP. Cleaning tanks and feeding fish may seem like mundane chores but players earn most of their experience from them. Click on the brush icon to eliminate nasty scum from the aquarium. Select the food bottle and feed hungry fish whenever the meter is low. There are no restrictions. Players can feed and clean multiple times in a single day. The same amount of XP can be earned by caring for your neighbor’s fish as well. The more neighbors the faster it is to level up. Try to join a Happy Aquarium forum or Facebook page to find people to add as neighbors. When visiting friends it’s easy to forget that most players have several aquariums. Clean all of their virtual fish tanks. If their treasure chest is empty simply feed their neglected fish some Happy Snacks. The chest will instantly refill. Keeping tabs on your achievements is one of the best Happy Aquarium tricks for leveling. Small daily tasks like purchasing a variety of fish, raising them into adulthood, shopping, saving orphans, breeding, and even helping out friends can earn achievement. Being aware of what achievements are available and the requirements will help players reach them faster. Simply click on the medal icon at the bottom of the screen to view your stats. When achievements are accomplished large XP awards are given.

More Tips & Tricks

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Selling and breeding fish generate a nice income. Try to buy and raise as many fishes as possible. When they’ve been properly trained sell them. It’s an endless cycle but fun. To increase the chances of a successful breeding or mating encounter make sure all the fish have been feed and the tank is squeaky clean first. Another trick to triple the amount of coins and experience earned is to own multiple tanks. After leveling up additional tanks will unlock. Taking advantage and investing in additional aquariums allow players to raise and sell more fish. Each tank can be expanded as well. Playing frequently also helps. It’s difficult to grow exotic tropical fish if you only play once a week or less. Check in daily even if it’s just for a few seconds to feed them.


The customization is incredible in Happy Aquarium. There’s literally dozens of cool props, corals, wallpaper, gravel, and lighting to design your tank. Earning lots of coins is essential in order to purchase decorations like ice sculptures, heart rocks, giant lotus flowers, brown Anemone, swirly bamboo, and red plastic seaweed. Each aquarium can reflect your personal style. Following these and the Happy Aquarium tricks mentioned above will make it easy to build the ultimate virtual fish tank. Remember these are only some of the techniques players can use to level up faster and accumulate coins.


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