Happy Aquarium Review - Best Virtual Fish Tank Game on Facebook

Happy Aquarium Review - Best Virtual Fish Tank Game on Facebook
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CrowdStar’s Happy Aquarium

Happy Aquarium Facebook

Happy Aquarium is one of the top facebook game applications. With millions of active users playing daily it’s quickly becoming one of CrowdStar’s most popular games. Similar to Zynga’s Fishville Happy Aquarium features a virtual fish tank. Players can purchase tropical fish, teach fish cool tricks, decorate their fish tank, and visit other facebook friends in Happy Aquarium.

Happy Aquarium Screenshot - virtual fish tank

Each player receives their own virtual fish tank that they can name. A short tutorial guide will quickly instruct players to purchase their first fish. There are a wide variety of tropical fish to choose from. Every fish has its own personality quirks listed above the price. Users can select a boy or girl. Tanks can hold up to 10 tropical fish at a time. Tanks can be customized and expanded as you level up. Happy Aquarium has a very high 100+ level cap. As players level up the bigger their tanks can expand holding more fish.

Your Virtual Fish Tank

Happy Aquarium - Virtual Fish Tank

In Happy Aquarium there are five icons resembling a store, arrow, fish food, brush, and a finger. Clicking any of them will aid in running your virtual fish tank. The store allows users to purchase tropical fish and crawlers like crabs. It also offers an assortment of décor items for the tank like colored gravel, wallpaper, props, and corals. Rare items such as seahorses and mermaids are available for purchase as well. All items in the store can be bought with gold coins or pearls.

The arrow icon lets users select their fish and view their health status. Clicking on the fish food icon will feed your tropical fish. In order to take good care of them players must regularly do this. The brush icon cleans out the fish tank. Tanks are prone to get dirty with time. If they get too dirty the fish will get sick. The finger icon lets users tap on the tank making the fish move or perform tricks. There are two meters at the top of the virtual fish tank which monitors the cleanliness and hunger level of the fish. Players need to keep the gauges full for a healthy fish.

Fish Tank Games & Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Happy Aquarium Facebook - Tropical Fish mating

Players have the option to train, mate, or sell their tropical fish each day. Training a fish brings up a challenging underwater game. The selected fish will be dropped into a dangerous environment with traps scattered throughout the course. Owners must guide their fish safely pass the obstacles by avoiding them or clicking them out of harms way. Bonus gold coins and food will fall from above. If the fish successfully makes it to the finish line any bonus coins or food will be added as a prize along with XP. Each training session is an opportunity for the fish to learn a new trick. There are six tricks consisting of the zig zag, loop, dive, figure 8, spiral, and follow that the fish earns after completing a training session.

If players have a male and female of the same fish species they can mate. Mating fish cost a fraction of the amount a user would pay to purchase a baby fish. Fish are only allowed to mate once a day. Selling tropical fish is another method to earn more coins. At anytime players can visit their friend’s fish tank or take a picture of their own fish retreat to share. In comparison with other fish tank games Happy Aquarium’s gameplay is quite entertaining.

Treasure Chests & Pearls - Optional Subscription Model -

Happy Aquarium Facbook - Tropical Fish in Store

The currency in Happy Aquarium consists of gold coins and pearls. Located at the bottom of every virtual fish tank is a treasure chest. Each day it is filled with free gold coins for players to spend. Pearls are earned when leveling up. Playing games and selling fish also earn gold coins. If players want more they can buy pearls through the game’s optional subscription model. Pearls cost $1.00 USD for 12 and up to $99.99 for 1200 pearls. Pearls are used to buy special rare items in the store like Scuba Hamsters and Mermaids. In Happy Aquarium there is no need to pay for extra pearls unless you want to.

Happy Aquarium Overall Rating: (4 out of 5)

Happy Aquarium Facebook - Fish tank games

Happy Aquarium is one of the most addicting fish tank games around. It’s easy to get hooked on decking out your virtual fish tank. The large variety of tropical fish, assortment of props, and other cool aquatic creatures that players can add makes Happy Aquarium a fun game to play. Contests for the coolest virtual tanks are held regularly. Players can support or compete with their facebook friends. The Happy Aquarium Community application also helps new users connect to others and participate in contests. Any fish lover or fish tank games fanatic will thoroughly enjoy Happy Aquarium.