Fishdom Seasons Under the Sea Game - Hints and Tips

Fishdom Seasons Under the Sea Game - Hints and Tips
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About Fishdom – Seasons Under the Sea

In this addition to the Fishdom match three game series, players can build aquariums with a holiday season theme including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a bundled collection of themed Fishdom game previously released. The aquariums created can double computer screensavers in addition to contributing to the player’s overall score. It has over a hundred levels of play which give it a high replay value.

Game Play

Fishdom Seasons Under the Sea Game

The game play in Fishdom Seasons Under the Sea is consistent with all other Fishdom games in the series. To complete each level, all the gold tiles need to be removed from the board by creating matches of three or more like items. This is accomplished by clicking on pieces to move them to an adjacent location.

“Power up” items appear after creating matched lines of four or more. These items can be used to eliminate a group of pieces from the game board. The “power up” types vary in the number of pieces that it can remove. For instance, the firecracker destroys all items within a radius of one tile.

In between levels, players can purchase items to upgrade their aquarium. Fish, decorations and comfort items are available. Building up the aquarium by maximizing all three of the types of items available will unlock new tanks of the same type (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas) currently playing. Unlike previous versions, players can also choose to play any of the three themed Fishdom aquariums when the game is loaded.

This Fishdom game can be played in a relaxed or time mode. Game scoring is based on matches created on the board and total number of gold tiles removed. If timed mode is played, players can also receive a bonus for fast completion times.

Hints and Tips

  • Use “power up” explosives by double clicking or moving them to an adjacent location.
  • Locked tiles hide a gold tile beneath them. The piece on the tile cannot be moved directly. Reveal the gold tile by destroying the lock with a “power up” explosive or by matching.
  • In timed mode, if you fail to complete a level successfully money or life will not be lost.
  • Silver tiles can be removed through “power ups” or match. However, the piece located on the silver tile can be moved directly.
  • View the background scenery of the game board by clicking on the eye icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Get the lightning “power up” by using seven explosives of any type on the same level.
  • To remove a locked piece you will need to create two matched lines. The first match will unlock the piece and turn it into a gold tile. The second match will get rid of the gold tile.
  • It requires three matches to remove a double locked piece. The first two matches will unlock the piece and turn it into a gold tile. The third match will get rid of the gold tile.
  • Red arrow icons on the board indicate that the game is trying to give you a hint for a possible match.
  • Fishes display a thought bubble whenever they need something. This could indicate lack of food, comfort or decorative item etc. You will only see this when in the shop screen.
  • The Firecracker “power up” removes all pieces within a single tile radius. You can obtain a firecracker as a result of the creation of five or more matched pieces.
  • Depth bombs are “power ups” that can remove all pieces within a two tile radius. Earn the depth bomb by matching a five tile row.
  • The dynamite “power up” can remove pieces within a three tile radius. Obtain the dynamite by matching a row of six pieces.

*Screenshot images for the Fishdom Seasons Under the Sea article were created by Sheila Robinson.